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Kevin Spacey says give a hand up


“I feel it’s a responsibility for anyone who breaks through a certain ceiling… to send the elevator back down and give others a helpful lift.”
– Kevin Spacey

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Fire and Love Worship Encounter with Singer Songwriter Daryl Boyer

Singer Songwriter Daryl Boyer wants to ignite the fire of Praise and Worship in your church, event or gathering.

LUTGRADIO $200 fundraiser on PearUp. No cash donations. Do 8 social media things rally (at Chicago, Illinois)

$200 fundraiser. Need 50 folks to do 8 things to help LUTG RADIO reach $200 goal

Lyft Rideshare hopes to pick you up at Chicago airports

Lyft is working with drivers, riders and the Chicago City Council in an effort to give riders the option to be picked up at Chicago Airports.  

Msnbc say shooting at Umpqia College in Oregon , 7-10 dead. Pray family pray

7Tre of V.S, in concert., Oct 4, 2015, St. Paul MN , Big V’s , 6:30 pm (at Chicago, Illinois)

7Tre of V.S. performing Oct 31,2015 @H.O.G. | Milwaukee, WI | 6pm

Racine County public saety Facebook pic. Beautiful, Racine, WI

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