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U.S. Africa Summit: Resilience and Food Security in a Changing Climate

by Kathy Brocks

U.S AFRICA SUMMIT -Panel on Resilience and Food Security in a Changing Climate-08/04/

U.S AFRICA SUMMIT -Panel on Resilience and Food Security in a Changing Climate-08/04/

The United States hosts the leaders of the continent of Africa searching out ideas and laying out plans to fortify Africa’s stability and sustainable food supply in the event of tragedy, war or act of adverse nature caused by damaging weather.  John Kerry Secretary of State explains that one in four people in Sub-Sahara go hungry daily.  The outreach between the U.S. and Africa is to head off the potential financial strain that will be more than the United States can uphold.  In the world John Kerry estimates one and eight people go hungry.  If countries around the world continue in wars, outbreaks of preventable diseases, overloading one ecosystem or another and polluting others then there will be such a massive drain that no help will be possible.  Each countries ecosystem and ability to sustain viable food resources and clean drinking waters can adversely or positively affect the neighboring and/or surrounding countries.

Africa currently develops existing farms rather than carve out new farms disturbing the ecosystems.  The goal is to not just invest in making a profit, rather, invest in people, the land, the animals, the water those things that make up the ecosystem affording for a long-term prosperity for farms in Africa.  Listen to the video to hear what the Rockefeller Foundation is doing for resilience develop for food resources and more about how Africa is doing more to help itself and working with partners to be a better Africa.

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