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Republicans “Bum Rush” America with Vote-O-Rama Cabinet Hearings

Kathy Brocks, ACAW Editor, LUTG RADIO Host, Lyft/Uber Driver

Kathy Brocks, ACAW Editor, LUTG RADIO Host, Lyft/Uber Driver

by Kathy Brocks

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC pointed out an aggressive media campaign concocted by President Elect Donald Trump and the Republican party in how they chose to hold six Presidential Cabinet Confirmation hearings all on January 11, 2017.  Mitch McConnell called for a Vote-O-Rama on January 11, 2017, where votes are taken on a large number of bills simultaneously which also includes the repeal of the Healthcare act also known as Obama care.
President Elect Donald Trump conveniently decided to hold first press conference on January 11, 2017,  seven months since last press conference in  July of 2016 when Donald Trump invited Russia to find the Hillary Clinton’s lost emails.

The streets call this”Bum Rushing”, although normally “Bum Rushing” is a group of people coming at one person.  But this :”Bum Rush is our elected officials “Bum Rushing” the American people they were elected to represent particularly those who did not vote for them.  It’s hard to oppose one issue when many are thrown at you all at once.

This “Bum Rush” begins on January 10, 2017 with the controversial hearing of Jeff Sessions, former Attorney General who falsely claimed to have worked on civil rights cases.  Lawyers who worked the cases said no significant contributions by Jeff Sessions.  Sessions name was added to documents cause Sessions was the Attorney General at the time of filings. You can see this on the 01/05/2017 Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC.

January 10, 2017 is the same day President Barack Obama gives last farewell address to the nation from Chicago, Illinois, where President Barack Obama began his political career organizing communities with grass-roots door to door canvassing finding out the needs of the people and obtaining solutions.  This is a major event for mainstream media.  Democrats are to request to have confirmations spread out over a few days  for this six-pack of controversial nominees so that a full investigation can be conducted by republicans and democrats in a bipartisan effort. But since the last eight years has been a “Campaign of No”, it’s not likely that the democratic party requests will be honored.

Rachel Maddow is righteously outraged at this aggressive media campaign strategy Bum Rush.  This type of strategy makes it virtually impossible for major media outlets to cover every confirmation because it’s all happening at the same time and main media will focus on Donald Trump, President Elect.  This seems to be another attempt to control what America is allowed to hear and see.  President Elect Donald Trump often calls media, the enemy. But the President Elect appears to be the enemy of himself and the people.  Trump is a savant at controlling what gets talked about concerning his desires.  Trump has discounted truths continuously by saying things like it never happened or the media lies as he did during the 2016 Presidential Campaign.  So, in order to get things right and cover it all, Podcastors, you are needed at the confirmation hearings to record with video and audio.  Get interviews from the politicians investigating the nominees for Donald Trump’s Presidential Cabinet.  Interview the nominees.

This is the list of names for the January 10th and January 11, 2017  Presidential Cabinet hearings:

Jeff Sessions, Attorney General, Department of Justice Nominee, Hearing scheduled for 01/10/2017 and 01/11/2017 at 9:30am

01/11/2017 Hearings scheduled for names below:

Mike Pompeo, Director of Central Intelligence Agency, Hearing scheduled for 10:00 am

Betsy Devos, Education Secretary, Hearing scheduled for 10:00am

John Kelly, Secretary of Homeland Security, Hearing scheduled for 2:00pm

Elaine Chao, Transportation Secretary, Hearing scheduled for 10:15am

Rex Tillerson, Secretary of state, Hearing scheduled for AM and Afternoon.

Note: The White House Press Secretary released the names of additional nominees sent to the Senate for future confirmations.  See press release here.

This is the list of the Model Committee Rules (an example of how the elected official are to conduct the questioning at the confirmations): PDF


1 This model Committee Rules of Procedure amendment is intended to serve as a template for all Senate committees to adopt in the appropriate form, requiring all cabinet/high-level nominees to provide the committee with three years of tax returns as part of the nomination review process.

1 Title: Amending the Rules of Procedure of [ ] Committee

2 of the Senate to require certain nominees to submit

3 certain tax information upon request of the committee.



6 Resolved,




9 Rule [ ] of the Rules of Procedure of [ ] Committee of

10 the Senate is amended by adding the following [ ]:

11 “[ ]. (a) In considering a nomination, the committee

12 shall conduct an investigation or review of the nominee’s

13 experience, qualifications, and suitability, to serve in the

14 position to which he or she has been nominated. To aid in

15 such investigation or review, each nominee may be

16 required to submit a sworn detailed statement including

17 biographical, financial, policy, and other information

18 (including tax returns of the nominee) which the

19 committee may request. Subject to subparagraph (b), the

20 committee may specify which items are to be received on

21 a confidential basis.

22 “(b) As part of an investigation or review with respect

23 to a cabinet-level nominee under subparagraph (a), the

24 committee shall require that the nominee provide the

25 committee with the individual tax returns of the nominee

26 for the 3 years preceding the nomination. Such tax

27 returns shall be considered as confidential, except that the

28 Chairman and Ranking Member may jointly issue a

29 public statement or report regarding any matters in the

30 individual tax returns that reflect on the nominee’s fitness MODEL COMMITTEE RULE CHANGE 2

1 for the office to which he or she was nominated.”.

Rachel Maddow Show, 01/05/2017,


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2014: Employ Americans, equip students with technology

Dear Mr. President,

and they said you were not an American, yet, your bravado is so John Wayne.  Your gramps would be proud.  There you go again saving the wealth of the wealthy by empowering the poor who make it possible for the wealthy to be wealthy. …

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President Obama armed with pen and phone

U.S.A President Barack Obama February 8, 2014 Weekly Address,

What has President…

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2014: Employ Americans, equip students with technology

Dear Mr. President,

and they said you were not an American, yet, your bravado is so John Wayne.  Your gramps would be proud.  There you go again saving the wealth of the wealthy by empowering the poor who make it possible for the wealthy to be wealthy.  You really are a President of all the people, you American you.

Say, so how is the view from the mountain top.  I know its lonely cause your fellow politicians are scratching their $100 socks trying to figure out how they can obtain a higher lifestyle they want to get use to now.  Since, faith is what you believe, I will keep my faith with you Mr. President.  Cheers to hoping you can truly achieve equality for all of America, we are with you.-An American

President Obama armed with pen and phone

U.S.A President Barack Obama February 8, 2014 Weekly Address,

U.S.A President Barack Obama February 8, 2014 Weekly Address,

What has President Obama been up to since the State of the Union Address.  In short, President Obama has been driving the Old Boy politicians up a radical wall.  The “How dare he and Well I never”  ’80’s flicks comedic rants seems to come to mind.  The internet is filled with statements of the President is trying to take your retirement money.  The U.S. government is trying to steal your precious metals and retirement funds to pay off the debts.  Isn’t it funny, how putting money in the pockets of the poor is always a way of stealing from the poor ignorant bastards that are reportedly too stupid to understand that in no way can they be allowed to compete financially with the well to do by being allowed to save money for retirement.

While I can understand the wealthy do not want to pay off the debt that the government created fighting wars that owners of the companies that create weapons, supplies and food that support theses wars, not to mention the money that is made to repair the damages to the countries torn apart by the those who benefited directly and indirectly.  I understand it is better, to just sell off the country one square foot at a time than to dare to make it an even living field for all Americans.  Oh no, its better to allow the wealthy from other countries come in and falsely stimulate the economy by buying multiple houses, paying no income tax and getting a free ride.  Funny, if you talk to the folks in the United Kingdom, they are admitting now, that the land belongs to the people and not the wealthy foreigners.  China is flogged with empty buildings owned by the same wealthy people to create a false sense of growth.  While the poor live in shacks.  How dare a president, our President try to give America back to the people.

How about it if the people elected by the people work with the President to get the U.S. out of debt without prostituting it, work to actually employ Americans and make more than decent housing available at reasonable rental and purchase rates.  Fair market rates are manipulated as the stock market it changed with illegitimate buys and sells.

This is a little bit of What President Obama has been doing in detail for the last 12 days

  • Directed the Department of the Treasury to create starter “myRA” accounts that will make it easier for Americans to save for retirement.
  • Ordered a government-wide review of federal training programs to make sure Americans get in-demand skills for good jobs.
  • Taken executive action to assist millions of long-term unemployed Americans — and more than 300 companies have already committed to the Administration’s best practices for hiring and recruiting the long-term unemployed.
  • Announced a major new commitment that will connect more than 20 million students to high-speed Internet — and the private sector stepped up to the plate with more than $750 million in commitments to help make it happen.

President Barack Obama State of the Union January 28, 2014

If you missed the State of the Union, #SOTU, address on January 28, 2014 and want to view the entire speech with a little extra enhancement you can see it here.  Please post comments, questions and opinions on the comments below the video.

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