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Free Coupons: No more cramped fingers- Groceries, Events, Online, on your cell phone

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Summer brings savings you want on products, services and events you want to buy, use, attend.  You now have permission to save money today, tomorrow, forever; Rock out to over 100 bands/artists live performances at Lollapalooza.

Save $5 when you purchase 3 issues of People magazine now through 8/19


Lollapalooza Chicago August 2-4, 2013 in Grant Park (Photos)

Wittlebee - Kids Clothing Club


Let’s Move! with the First Lady: 10 and Under Tennis


Buy healthy snacks with free Saving star coupons

Save money the easy way with SavingStar’s free grocery eCoupons


No more finger cramps cutting out coupons, use your iphone, android cellular phone to take advantage of coupon savings. 


Hate using paper coupons to save on groceries? Go paperless and Join SavingStar for FREE image

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