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President Obama: Clean environment stimulates economy

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President Obama: Clean environment stimulates economy



Earlier today President Obama gave a brief 15 minute media blast to boast the positive effects of creating fuel-efficient vehicles on the American economy, families, corporate savings present and future.    Presently, cars are running at 35 miles per gallon of gas which saves 12 billion barrels of gas and has created 25,000 jobs within the automotive industry.

President Obama stated that 25% of the pollution created by vehicles is derived from heavy-duty trucks.  Another way to reduce air pollution by heavy-duty trucks is to reduce the time that a truck sits idling.  The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services notes that the effects of Heavy Duty Diesel ambient pollution is around 36%.  When President Obama spoke, it was on an overall amount with respect to Oil consumption.  The University of California at Berkley reported a study finding of diesel exhaust contributes 15 times more pollution that gas consuming heavy-duty vehicles resulting in the cause of a greater amount of smog in the air for that area.  This smog is considered to be a factor in respiratory health issues.

Safeway is one of the companies that has already updated its heavy-duty trucks with better fuel consumption for better hauls per gallon of gas.  Safeway is encouraging the vendors that do business with them to update their vehicles to a more fuel-efficient truck.  The less fuel that is consumed reflects in the cost to companies and the final cost to consumers.  This creates savings for all and a better prospect for increase in employment and living standards.

President Obama is authorizing the issue of tax credits for research of fuel efficiency for heavy-duty trucks.  The use of heavy-duty trucks began about 50 years ago in the 1970’s and was effective for that time period.  But with the need for cleaner air and allowing for future better health, the U.S. government is seeking to improve our environment and bottom line simultaneously.  With the creation of Jobs and Safeway proving fuel efficiency is possible for heavy-duty trucks, it’s an example that a clean environment can improve the welfare of the U.S without a need to fluff or do creative financing.  You can hear the full interview here except the first few minutes of the introduction.

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