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The world plus you volunteer

Photo posted by LeCrae on his Facebook page

Photo posted by LeCrae on his Facebook page

Volunteering is a way to give back to others that want or need inspiring or help in one area or another.  It is an opportunity to put aside the “me, me, me” playback and give to others.  Did you know that volunteering is the key component of the success of the ministry of Jesus.  Now, of course I am talking about before Jesus surrendered to the purpose for which he was born and called.  All 13 disciples volunteered and Jesus provided for all their needs and wants as they remained faithful.

So, you are wondering what does Jesus have to do with you.  Volunteering is a humbling experience that everyone should experience.  You do not need to go across the world to be an impact.

You can volunteer in your own communities whether you live in the United States, Haiti, Rwanda, Australia, China, Philippians or the United Kingdom.  There are many places to volunteer like the Oklahoma Juvenile Center, the Lighthouse for the blind, your local schools, community youth programs.  You can also find opportunities via the United Way website, City government website, etc.

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