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Govenor Pat Quinn’s Illinois Bike Plan

Governor Pat Quinn takes steps to implement a more reliable and permanent form of transportation by implementing safe pathways for transportation through bicycling.  The plan is called the Illinois Bike Plan.  The goal of the plan is to make it safer for cyclist and improve the air we breath.  The more Chicagoans cycle, walk and use public transportation the less pollution is released into the air creating better air quality.  Although the primary goal is safer cycling.

April 22, 2014 Efrain Diaz-Torres, a Roselle, Illinois cycling was killed after being hit by a van.  Mr. Torres was riding in the middle of the street according to police as reported int he Chicago Tribune.  Robert ‘Bobby’ Caan was struck and killed May 29, 2013 when a car struck him.  Caan died as a result of a leg wound.  Caan was biking home on Larrabee near Clybourn which is regulated by the Illinois Department of Transportation.  It is believed  that if a bike path had been properly marked it may have saved Caan’s life.  Chicago has even had Public Bike to demonstrate the need for bike paths due to the accidents and accidental deaths as a result of bikers and automobiles sharing the same lanes.

Governor Quinn’s Illinois Bike Plan will assist the Illinois Department of

Transportation will information on planning a safer driving and bicycling transportation system.  The Illinois Bike Plan states the following areas will be specifically address:

  • Bicycling related planning and policy recommendations,
  • Bikeway safety, design and maintenance recommendations,
  • Regional-scale bikeway network recommendations,
  • Bikeway network implementation and prioritization recommendations,
  • State bicycling performance measures,
  • Education, outreach and enforcement recommendations, and
  • Funding recommendations

You can read the full report here.   See also, the  Bike the Drive event May 25, 2014.





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