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Eta magic box series snags Fania Bourn for The Inheritance musical


Fania Bourn

Fabian Bourn is a Mom first then an actress who kicked the but of illness.  Fania’s social media Facebook page shows posts for five different plays and musicals. The titles are: In De Beginnin’ , Dream girls as Deena, , To Kill A Mocking Bird as Calpurnia, The Who’s: Tommy as Acid Queen and Hairspray-as an extra dancer.  If Fania is pushing this hard in 2017 as she did in 2016 the breakthrough to success is within reach. You can see the talented and hopeful Fania Bourn on January 21, 2017 at the eta Magic Box series “The Inheritance” musical reading.  Admission is free for two show 3 p.m and 7 p.m., 7558 South Chicago Ave, Chicago, Illinois.



fania-bourn-as-deena-in-dreamgirls-2016fania-bourn-in-hairspray-2016 fania-bourn-in-to-kill-a-mocking-bird-2016fania-bourn-in-play-in-de-beginnin the-who-s-tommy-as-acid-queen-2016 The Inheritance: ft Chawanya Hayes


















Abs Beauty and Brains is coming to town A.B.B. Brian White Laz Alonso Robi Reed

BRIAN WHITE LEAPING IN THE NUDEBrian White, Actor, Producer, Philanthropist is coming to Chicagolands Missions and Marketplace annual conference March 29-April 1, 2016 at Living Word Christian Center, 7600 West Roosevelt Road, Forest Park, Illinois.  Brian has more than 27 movies under his belt.  Brian is comedic, fervent, serious in supporting roles and lead.  An absolute joy to watch perform fully clothed or not.

Brian is famous for baring all and committing to succeeding at achieving his dreams.  Just take a look at his long career in the entertainment industry.  Prior to arts and entertainment Brian was in sports which was cut short by injury.  Next, Brian gravitated to modeling and acting building up a dance company for youth.  To help pay the bills Brian got in to the stock game obtaining his license to manage client assets.  Brian is giving his fans and want to be performers an opportunity to hear him speak and ask questions about how to maneuver your way to success in Hollywood.  Brian website show him doing a jumping pose in the nude.  There are movies where actors are asked to strip down to skin.  So, the obvious question is how to stand on your principles to stay clothed in a rapid stride to success.  Since this is presented by a school that teaches success based on business knowledge and knowledge from the Holy Bible.


laz alonso3





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Laz Alonso started off doing commercials while maintaining his job in finance.   Ask Laz about paying the bills while pursuing a career in arts and entertainment.  Laz has over 50 movies credits including the television series the Mysteries of Laura as Billy Soto.  The photos above are from Laz’s Facebook pages.  One thing I noticed is Laz’s regime for eating bad.  Laz just jumps back on the exercise wagon with a smoothie that looks more like oatmeal in a jar.  Hey if drinking the Almond Milk shake is the prerequisite  to a stunning healthy bod that yields dividends then all should sign up.  Hey 50 cent and Pepsi Laz has a 400 million dollar wonder shake to sell.  Laz and all his wisdom will be at the Missions and Ministry conference at Living Word Christian Center March 29 – April 1, 2016.












This Weekend: Give the gift of Alvin Ailey’s “Revelations”



Alvin Ailey brings Revelations to Chicago.  Facebook has been abuzz with the performance of Revelations across the country.  Tickets are $32-$92.  You can get a discount rate by signing up for a free account with Goldstar but you must attend performance on March 1st at 2 p.m., or  March 5th & 6th 7:30 p.m. performance.  Chicago’s performance is premiering the following dance companies, Chromas, Four Corners and Lift.

Each group brings their own form of beauty and flair to the performance to gospel music, books of the bible and blues style music that uplifts the soul.  Preview the clip below,

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