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President Obama FLY’s the W at the Whitehouse

Obama Fly's the W Photo by Kathy Brocks

Obama Fly’s the W
Photo by Kathy Brocks

President Obama welcomes our 2016 Chicago World Series to the White house, January 16, 2017.  President Obama an openly Chicago Whitesox fan for life took this day, the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday celebration, to honor a team that fought hard in unity to achieve a victory long out of reach for 108 years.  President Obama’s great humor brought smiles to the faces of the Chicago Cubs, press core and the over 4000 you tube watchers.  This moment as President Obama recounted the play-by-play of the win sent me back to the moment of happy anxiety awaiting the moment that we all believed when Rizzo tossed the last ball of his career to seal the win.  It was intense.  Today , joy is the word.  Just looking at all these men in class photo form smiling.

You remember when you would day-dream about being the world series champs and being celebrated by the president.  You may have been in fourth grade, high school or college.  Although, it was a rare dream which always happened to someone else, today its official, The Chicago Cubs are no longer dreaming.  Our 2016 Chicago Cubs World Series Champions are the heroes of little kids in Chicago and all over the world.  The cool thing about the Cubs is they are not just heroes on the field, they also give back to others by volunteering over 1400 hours this past year. #FlyW

Bike the Drive-Sunday May 25, 2014

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The official hallelujah to the arrival of summer, the annual Bike the Drive event where anyone on at least two wheels can ride on Lake Shore Drive without worry of cars or trucks zooming pass.  Bike the Drive’s purpose is to make it safer to bike, walk and take public transportation in the City of Chicago.   It is also a  freedom opener, it’s a throwing off of the big winter coats and a dawning of tight biker shorts, tank tops, bike the drive t-shirts and of course helmets.  There are several bike events planned throughout the summer.  Bike to Brew is Saturday July 26 and Four Star Bike to Chow Sunday September 7.   You can sign-up for Bike the Drive now.  Read more on safer biking and Governor Pat Quinn’s  Illinois Bike Plan.




The Ride: Money over Safety-17 yr old employee mangles arm on lift at Raging Buffalo

Today a 17 year old employee of the Raging Buffalo Snowboarding Ski Park in Algonquin, Illinois injured his arm on a lift.  Its reported the accident is serious requiring 30 emergency crew members to release the young man whose arm became lodged in the lift.  Due to the accident the snowboarding park will be closed on Monday March 3, 2014.  The park owners refers to all its employees as family and are asking for prayers for the young man who is not named due to he is under the age of 18.

Whenever, there is a accident at public parks it is often questioned, could this accident have been avoided.  Upon review of the national standards of Snow sports, it is stated that the training provided is an agreed upon standard which can be taught in the United States and abroad.  While the fact that passing the courses in writing is not particularly enforced, rather the adventure, safety measures may be one worth looking into further.

Level 3 Snow Boarder, Alpine instructor, Level one Noord, Clinician Examiner and Adapter Trainer, Eric Shekleton,Chairman of PSA AND AASI says, “I’ve been in a lot of exams and have not passed them all.”  Patrons of the Ragging Buffalo Snowboarding state in reviews of their experience as good to excellent for the most part.  But there are a few that really state things as an opportunity for improvement for which they are eagerly hoping for results.  For example, a middle ground for beginners to work their way up from the Bunny slopes, spectators not gathering at the bottom of slopes due to possible injury to snow boarders, better communication for schedules training classes, not over booking the parks with fundraisers and regular patrons, better safety measures.  The park has lifts and line ropes for the patrons to travel to destinations.

The park held the 2013 USASA competition and has some instructors who give good boarding lessons according to the patrons, so the only issue is management and its willingness to put safety over dollars.  The park does have two locations one in Algonquin and another in Cary, Illinois.


Sochi 2014

Sochi is most definitely not the USA, but, it does look beautiful and is a wonderful opportunity for athletes to show off what they can do.  Hopefully, the excitement is tremendous for all the athletes, their families, friends and partakers of the events.  We are all people who love to win and cheer on the under dog.

While, the wave may not be a part of the Sochi 2014 Olympics, the joy of competing is very much present.  Here are some twitter tweets with pictures.

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Blogging Sochi: An Olympics Roundup

Blogging Sochi: An Olympics Roundup.

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