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Open-Call for Journalist and Podcastors

Source: , 2017 January 6, 745pm ct

Source: whitehouse , 2017 January 6, 745 p.m. ct

“Republicans “Bum Rush” America with Vote-O-Rama Cabinet Hearings”

Please consider covering this political event with your podcast, tv program, media department, journalism department. If you need an additional distribution outlet I will post your fact based story with raw unedited audio, video and photographic proof on .

Provide unedited and On-Air ready copy to prove story. Avoid Hyperbole, stick to facts. News story will run as submitted You, the producers, creators, organization, staff, contributors, sources are responsible for all content and liability
.-Kathy Brocks
ACAW Media,, ,
1 -858-848-6186
PO BOX 8351
Chicago, Illinois 60680

How to share on social media with just friends

Ever wanted to just share a brief comment with friends only?  How about posting a picture of your wedding dress to the whole world before your guy proposes when you only meant to send it to a group of your best girlfriends.  How about Grandma posts a picture of you at age 10 in cowboys boots, a straw hat and underwear with cartoon characters and a slightly yellow ring.  But no one knows you shared a bed with your baby brother cause he was afraid of the dark.  Who by the way hasn’t gotten the swing of potty training outside of the bed.  So know your friends laugh hysterically reposting the photo.  You’d love it if you could get a do over or just show Grandmas how to post to just friends.  Well, your heart felt prayers are answered.  Enjoy the video although a little late for your yellow rings but is sure to help the next guy.  Wait, Grandmas has more pictures of you and your siblings she loves posting.  LOL.

Kevin Spacey says give a hand up


“I feel it’s a responsibility for anyone who breaks through a certain ceiling… to send the elevator back down and give others a helpful lift.”
– Kevin Spacey

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