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Walmart answers about products are like muddy gravy

This is an update to the story “Do we know if Walmart’s Great Value Purified Water 16.9 oz 24 count is contaminated?”  Walmart took another four days to respond to a formal request regarding the question of whether or not the water is contaminated.  July 12, 2014 an Assistant Manager Stephanie left a message.  Upon calling the 1100 5th ave Hammond Indiana store at about 5:30pm, 30 minutes prior to the 6 pm cut off, the Assistant Store Manager Stephanie was not available.

Another person got on the phone and identified himself as Store Manager Tony.  Tony said that he could not make any statements on behalf of the Walmart stores and said call the media department for Walmart.  As for the issue of paying double for another brand of water a $20 gift card was offered and accepted.

Great Value Purified Water 16.9 ounce bottles 24 count  picture of packaging label . Source: Kathy Brocks Photo

Great Value Purified Water 16.9 ounce bottles 24 count
picture of packaging label . Source: Kathy Brocks Photo

Monday July 14, 2014 after 11:00 am was the agreed upon date to pick up the $20 gift card.  Prior to driving over a call was made to the store to confirm with the Store Manager Tony.  The customer service person stated, “we do not have a store manager named Tony”.  Upon explaining the conversation from Saturday July 12, 2014, the customer service person said “Tony is an Assistant Manager and out on a drive.”  The customer service person was not sure when Tony would return. But previous visit on July 8, 2014 the store employee stated all the assistant store managers were women.

It appeared as if some oddness was in the midst of occurring again.  An inquiry was made as to whether another manager was aware of the situation.  The customer service person put me on hold and then said to just ask for a manager upon arrival.  Upon arrival no manager greeted me at the customer service desk.  The customer service person made a call and then rang up the $20 gift card.

Walmart Corporate Office

Several emails have been sent to Walmart asking questions about the water with no response other than “I can not speak for Walmart”.  July 12, 2014 an email was sent to Doug McMillion, Ceo and President of Walmart Stores Inc and Bill Simon, CEO and President of Walmart USA.  No call or email received from Walmart.  July 17, 2014 a follow-up call was made to Walmart corporate offices.

Upon explaining the reason for calling is to determine whether or not the Great Value Purified 16.9 oz 24 count case water is contaminated, a transfer was made to the Priority Department.  After speaking to the Priority Department another transfer was executed to the Great Value Team.  The Great Value Team after obtaining a barcode and numbers from a water case packing and partial expiration information stated they could not answer any questions about the contamination of the water.  The reason was because the water is ordered via a vendor.  But Walmart said the vendor information could not be provided due to confidentiality rules.

When asked whether or not the vendor was in Illinois and/or Indiana, the Walmart Great Value Team said only the country of origin could be provided.  The Great Value Team then stated the Walmart Store Manager could answer questions about the store.  At this point the name Jose Ochoa was given as the name of the Store Manager and not Tony.  When I asked if the Store Manager also goes by Tony the name Jose Ochoa was restated.

After speaking with the Great Value Team I called the Hammond, Indiana Walmart Store located at 1100 5th ave.  At first Mr. Ochoa was in a meeting, so I asked if Mr. Ochoa could call back.  Then the call was put on hold and a man got on the phone.  I asked if he was Jose Ochoa the Walmart Store Manager.  The man said yes he is Jose Ochoa the Walmart Store Manager.  I explained the purpose of the call and Mr. Ochoa said he could not speak for Walmart.  It was then explained that Walmart Great Value Team Corporate office said as the Store Manager he could give information on the store.

The Store Manager said for the date 06/25/2014-07/12/2014 no water had been recalled.  I asked if any water during the year of 2014 had been recalled and was referred to the Walmart Media Department because the Store Manager said that is too much to look up.  I asked about the inventory showing 240 cases available in the inventory in the store and no one can find the merchandise.  The Store Manager referred me to the Walmart Media Department, 1-800-331-0085.

Upon looking at a few articles on contaminated bottled water it shows that the bottled water is actually contaminated with chemicals used for cleaning the water.  Reports stated higher than allowed levels of disinfection byproducts was found in the water in the state of California and other states in other Walmart Stores Inc brands and Giant.  Purified water is described as being treated with cleaning byproduct chemicals and some have flavor enhancing minerals. Why add flavor to what is supposed to be clean drinking water?  Its just a question.  Never mind.

Some articles point to these disinfection byproducts as trihalomethanes shown to be double and triple the legal limit of 10 parts per billion.  Some articles or studies show the plastic bottle containers as the culprit because of the material used to make the plastic called Bisphenol-A commonly known as BPA.  These chemicals are cited as harmful to the human body in the form of cancer, diabetes, neurological issues and increasing the development of puberty in children under the age of 10.

Also, bottled water studies show that tap water is just as good as bottled water.  In fact, the bottled water in some cases is actually tap water and not always treated.

National Geographic article,

Bottled Water Isn’t Healthier Than Tap, Report Reveals

                           “The Natural Resources Defense Council, which carried out a four-year review                    of the bottled water industry, concluded “there is no assurance that just because water comes out of a bottle, it is any cleaner or safer than water from the tap.”

                     The New York City-based action group added that an estimated 25 percent of bottled water is “really just tap water in a bottle—sometimes further treated, sometimes not.” “


Customers  on the Walmart website posted questions about white stuff floating in the water.  I believe the customer complaints because I witnessed the white floating particles myself as a purchaser of the Great Value Purified Water.

Being a customer of Walmart has its limits when it comes to asking questions about the products available, purchased and consumed.  It appears it’s a ‘just give me the money and keep quiet’ transaction.  Trying to get a straight answer from Walmart proves difficult. Protecting the bottom line is important, but without customers there is no bottom line.  As a youth, young woman I remember store owners being honest and no hinky business  because they understood customers just want to buy safe quality products.  Is bottled water contaminated? You be the judge.



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