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Vice President Joe Biden Addresses U.S Africa Summit Attendees


VP Biden says, Civilians are the keys to success of  a country.

VP Biden says, Civilians are the keys to success of a country.

Vice President Joe Biden encourages the group that they are the solution to the problem of instability in the continent of Africa.  Biden draws comparison to the United States of America.  Which draws the mind back to the history of the United States.  If the people of the colonies had not banded together, America would be a British Colony.  If President Lincoln did not free the slaves and band together with them America the land of the free may not exist today and be just as divided as many other countries around the world in the midst of war now.

Democracy is about the people banding together under one common idea to live free and value the opinions of all of its citizens.  Biden’s statement, “The civil society has as much to do with the success of Africa as much as the country leaders”, hits home with the press inquiring what are the plans of African leaders to combat the violence on children with regards to the 200 girls taken from a school-house.  The girls were sold for $12 each into the sex trade industry.

Democracy and equality is based on the ideas of full freedom of all persons.  Biden reiterates a nation can grow strong with cooperative efforts.  Biden states corruption is like a sickness that is stomped out by the civilians of the country working together to build a better country.  For example, those that enforce the laws must be incorruptible.  Otherwise you rob and pillage the future of your country.  Democracy becomes non-existent.

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U.S. Africa Summit underway today-CDC on Ebola Outbreak

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The U.S African Summit will be held at the Newseum, 555 Pennsylvania Ave Nw, Washington, DC 20001, Cross Streets: Between Constitution Ave NW and 6th St NW, Neighborhoods: Downtown (888) 639-7386.

These performers will get the opportunity to contribute to the discussion of improvements to Africa. The scheduled performers are from Africa and their names are A.Y. (Tanzania), Buffalo Souljah (Zimbabwe), D’Banj (Nigeria), Fally Ipupa (DRC), Femi Kuti (Nigeria), Judith Sephuma (South Africa), Omawumi (Nigeria), Victoria Kimani (Kenya) and Wax Dey (Cameroon).  Also, the Soul Children of Chicago directed by Dr. Walt Whitman will perform on August 6 at the Kennedy Center.  The youth group are not expected to give input on the matters discussed.

West Africa Ebola Outbreak

With the looming influx of deaths in Africa from the Ebola virus many were concerned about the summit and possibility of an outbreak with the United States.  Rest assured according to the White House and the Center for Disease Control, CDC, which has been reporting on the outbreak in the news, there is no issue with the African leaders meeting in Washington  D.C.  The areas in West Africa dealing with the Ebola virus are Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.  The CDC states that the Ebola Virus which is the latest evolved name of the disease is initiated through contact with wild animals like bats, deer and gorillas.  But in order to spread the virus the person(s) must be exhibiting the Ebola symptoms of bleeding from the eyes, nose and mouth.  Otherwise according to the Center for Disease Control and White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, a person is not considered contagious.

There are a few simple things you can do to prevent the spread of the disease.  Hygiene plays a big roll.  For example if you are a health care professional, work or a volunteer,  healthcare facility wash your hands often.  If any contact with a patient or the cleaning of the areas wash hands prior to putting on personal protective equipment, PPE, like gloves, face masks, shoe covers and wash your hands after removing the protective equipment.  The protective equipment should be water proof.  The CDC also recommends additional care for healthcare industry workers which you can view here.

American President Barack Obama is setting new highs again with being the first U.S president to hold the largest U.S. to Africa Summit to date.  The summit’s purpose to address the issues surrounding Africa like

Civil Society Forum
Investing in Women, Peace, and Prosperity
Investing in Health: Investing in Africa’s Future
Resilience and Food Security in a Changing Climate
Combating Wildlife Trafficking

It appears the overall goal of President Obama is to establish a more stable Africa by developing areas of growth and utilizing the natural resources and talents of the countrymen of Africa.  The summit will address growth in planting and harvesting of food and maintaining long-term resources even in times of economic downturns.  This will alleviate the demand from United States and other countries contributing so much of its food and dollar resources to the feeding and educating of the African nations.

If you recall President Barack Obama’s father, Barack Obama Sr., was born of Luo ethnicity in Nyanza Province, Kenya. Obama Sr. grew up herding goats in Africa.  President Obama lived in several different areas of the world while growing up and experienced the social and economic hardships wondering if being black was a per-requisite to a varying of forms of wrongness like self-esteem, education, economics.  Obama with the help of his loving Mother and Grandparents molded Obama into a man who can look at a problem and not just get angry, but identify a solution.  The solution to Africa’s uneven prosperity, education and growth has the potential to be resolved through this years 2014 U.S. Africa summit in Washington D.C. August 4-6.

First Lady Michelle Obama, Laura Bush and the Bush institute will host a series on education with the spouses of the African leadership.  First Obama and Laura Bush will cover the topic of education during the Investing in our Future summit.  Fact sheets on countries invited to summit.






Kiev Ukraine: Indepedence Square is burning

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych 02 18 2014As the world celebrates the Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze medals of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, the Ukrainian citizens in Kiev are protesting against its President Viktor Yanukovych, who handles international affairs and negotiations.  Protestors are stating that President Yanukovych is hindering the relations with the European Union.  Reportedly,  protestors are seeking impeachment of the president.  The Ukraine allows for two terms at five years per term.  The current President was elected in 2010  The preceding president, Viktor Yushchenko only had a 4% favorable poll rating and did not run for a second term.

There is an 8 hour difference from Chicago to the Ukraine.  Its reported that there are  six to nine police officers and civilians totaling 13 that have lost their lives as a result of the fires and disturbances at the protests. Police poured water on protestors and the protestors threw Molotov Cocktails.  Officials are asking that women and children leave the square for their safety.  Independence square is burning as the citizens vent their rage.  When you search Google “#PHOTOS OF INDEPENDENCE SQUARE IN KIEV UKRAINE BEFORE FIRE“, the following photos from various media outlets and private photos appear.  This is a small portion of the photos of the protest in Independence square in Kiev Ukraine.  Its 11:00 pm in the Ukraine now.

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Read more from the Kyiv Post.

President Obama: Clean environment stimulates economy



Earlier today President Obama gave a brief 15 minute media blast to boast the positive effects of creating fuel-efficient vehicles on the American economy, families, corporate savings present and future.    Presently, cars are running at 35 miles per gallon of gas which saves 12 billion barrels of gas and has created 25,000 jobs within the automotive industry.

President Obama stated that 25% of the pollution created by vehicles is derived from heavy-duty trucks.  Another way to reduce air pollution by heavy-duty trucks is to reduce the time that a truck sits idling.  The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services notes that the effects of Heavy Duty Diesel ambient pollution is around 36%.  When President Obama spoke, it was on an overall amount with respect to Oil consumption.  The University of California at Berkley reported a study finding of diesel exhaust contributes 15 times more pollution that gas consuming heavy-duty vehicles resulting in the cause of a greater amount of smog in the air for that area.  This smog is considered to be a factor in respiratory health issues.

Safeway is one of the companies that has already updated its heavy-duty trucks with better fuel consumption for better hauls per gallon of gas.  Safeway is encouraging the vendors that do business with them to update their vehicles to a more fuel-efficient truck.  The less fuel that is consumed reflects in the cost to companies and the final cost to consumers.  This creates savings for all and a better prospect for increase in employment and living standards.

President Obama is authorizing the issue of tax credits for research of fuel efficiency for heavy-duty trucks.  The use of heavy-duty trucks began about 50 years ago in the 1970’s and was effective for that time period.  But with the need for cleaner air and allowing for future better health, the U.S. government is seeking to improve our environment and bottom line simultaneously.  With the creation of Jobs and Safeway proving fuel efficiency is possible for heavy-duty trucks, it’s an example that a clean environment can improve the welfare of the U.S without a need to fluff or do creative financing.  You can hear the full interview here except the first few minutes of the introduction.

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2014: Employ Americans, equip students with technology

Dear Mr. President,

and they said you were not an American, yet, your bravado is so John Wayne.  Your gramps would be proud.  There you go again saving the wealth of the wealthy by empowering the poor who make it possible for the wealthy to be wealthy.  You really are a President of all the people, you American you.

Say, so how is the view from the mountain top.  I know its lonely cause your fellow politicians are scratching their $100 socks trying to figure out how they can obtain a higher lifestyle they want to get use to now.  Since, faith is what you believe, I will keep my faith with you Mr. President.  Cheers to hoping you can truly achieve equality for all of America, we are with you.-An American

President Obama armed with pen and phone

U.S.A President Barack Obama February 8, 2014 Weekly Address,

U.S.A President Barack Obama February 8, 2014 Weekly Address,

What has President Obama been up to since the State of the Union Address.  In short, President Obama has been driving the Old Boy politicians up a radical wall.  The “How dare he and Well I never”  ’80’s flicks comedic rants seems to come to mind.  The internet is filled with statements of the President is trying to take your retirement money.  The U.S. government is trying to steal your precious metals and retirement funds to pay off the debts.  Isn’t it funny, how putting money in the pockets of the poor is always a way of stealing from the poor ignorant bastards that are reportedly too stupid to understand that in no way can they be allowed to compete financially with the well to do by being allowed to save money for retirement.

While I can understand the wealthy do not want to pay off the debt that the government created fighting wars that owners of the companies that create weapons, supplies and food that support theses wars, not to mention the money that is made to repair the damages to the countries torn apart by the those who benefited directly and indirectly.  I understand it is better, to just sell off the country one square foot at a time than to dare to make it an even living field for all Americans.  Oh no, its better to allow the wealthy from other countries come in and falsely stimulate the economy by buying multiple houses, paying no income tax and getting a free ride.  Funny, if you talk to the folks in the United Kingdom, they are admitting now, that the land belongs to the people and not the wealthy foreigners.  China is flogged with empty buildings owned by the same wealthy people to create a false sense of growth.  While the poor live in shacks.  How dare a president, our President try to give America back to the people.

How about it if the people elected by the people work with the President to get the U.S. out of debt without prostituting it, work to actually employ Americans and make more than decent housing available at reasonable rental and purchase rates.  Fair market rates are manipulated as the stock market it changed with illegitimate buys and sells.

This is a little bit of What President Obama has been doing in detail for the last 12 days

  • Directed the Department of the Treasury to create starter “myRA” accounts that will make it easier for Americans to save for retirement.
  • Ordered a government-wide review of federal training programs to make sure Americans get in-demand skills for good jobs.
  • Taken executive action to assist millions of long-term unemployed Americans — and more than 300 companies have already committed to the Administration’s best practices for hiring and recruiting the long-term unemployed.
  • Announced a major new commitment that will connect more than 20 million students to high-speed Internet — and the private sector stepped up to the plate with more than $750 million in commitments to help make it happen.

A virtual Road Trip with President Obama

Listen to Americans ask President Obama unfiltered questions on how the policies are effecting their livelihood.  President Obama gives direct answers on the Healthcare bill, the minimum wage increase bill called the 1010 Bill, corporations mistreatment of Americans and the process of regaining the trust of Americans with respect to the Snowden files on surveillance of Americans and many more issues.

President Barack Obama State of the Union January 28, 2014

If you missed the State of the Union, #SOTU, address on January 28, 2014 and want to view the entire speech with a little extra enhancement you can see it here.  Please post comments, questions and opinions on the comments below the video.

Pastor Yolanda Adams: Happy Birthday to First Lady Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is 50 years today.  Michelle loves Jesus, her husband President Barack Obama, her children Sasha and Malia, her Mother, siblings and the youth of America.  Michelle Obama’s first fifty years have been wonderfully impressive being an inspiration to those around just being herself.  Developing a never quite attitude from that of her ailing father who never gave up to her mother who stayed strong.  Michelle challenged a man to care about other people’s time and loved him into the offices of politics and the office of the President of the United States of America, the world’s superpower. Michelle’s grace, mercy, joy, peace and presence is a superpower.  Happy Birthday Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States of America.  We love you.

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Pres Obama: America is the humanist, our liberty will be protected



Today President Barack Obama spoke on the NSA, National Security Agency, monitoring of Americans and foreign persons.  President Obama stated that because of previous events in our immediate and further history of bombing attacks and threats of terror, the monitoring of telecommunications is a necessary part of keeping America and Americans safe.  All governments monitor its citizens and non-citizens in an effort to thwart disasters, invasions and harm to its nations.

It is therefore, not feasible to ask America to forgo the monitoring of things like Metadata, which allows intelligence agencies to pinpoint with full accuracy the location of the threat.  President Obama says he understands the concerns of invasion of privacy  and is working to disclose of items that would limit comfort liberties of Americans by making the judicial decisions of cases public as long as it does not interfere with the security of the nation.

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