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Cyber Thank You Mom Messages

The one common denominator of the famous to the not so famous is Mom’s. In your Mother’s eyes you are her super star. Everything you do as a kid is awesome. The love you show, being a good helper and striving to do your best. So, when you become an adult and become successful at loving all people with all your heart, your Mom sees you are perfect just like God. (be ye perfect even as your father in heaven is perfect, Matthew 5:48. This referring to loving all people.
Thank you Moms!









Take Me to your Mom

Comedian Rickey Smiley Funny Facebook Post

May 5,2014 Comedian Rickey Smiley posted a Facebook post of a women in her underwear with two little girls.  It does make you wonder why would any woman serve up herself and her kids to scrutiny and all men with eyes.  Does the photo mean look am sexy and single with kids or hey am freaky or hey I got kids but we can do whatever?  No woman should ever be that desperate for a date, husband or anything.  It looks like she is serving up her kids as well.   It would have been better had she put on a dress, t-shirt and shorts, a pair of freaking pants.  Ladies is dignity gone?

May 5 2014 fb post by rickey smiley

Happy Birthday

Before anyone attains stardom they are someone’s brother, sister, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, mother or father.  The ability to hold on to the humble you reaching for the top can be difficult with all the things one has to do to stay on top.  Staying on top of the success mountain begins with showing love to family, friends and fans.

So, when the Gospel, Rock, Country and R&B singers peel back the layers and actually let you see them being normal without the scripted normal, some how, it makes everyday people seem happy to just be themselves.  So, to all the famous people living life like its golden by playing tea party with their baby girls or playing Foosball with their sons, thanks for just being you.




Pets get in the act of singing happy birthday





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