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Abs Beauty and Brains is coming to town A.B.B. Brian White Laz Alonso Robi Reed

BRIAN WHITE LEAPING IN THE NUDEBrian White, Actor, Producer, Philanthropist is coming to Chicagolands Missions and Marketplace annual conference March 29-April 1, 2016 at Living Word Christian Center, 7600 West Roosevelt Road, Forest Park, Illinois.  Brian has more than 27 movies under his belt.  Brian is comedic, fervent, serious in supporting roles and lead.  An absolute joy to watch perform fully clothed or not.

Brian is famous for baring all and committing to succeeding at achieving his dreams.  Just take a look at his long career in the entertainment industry.  Prior to arts and entertainment Brian was in sports which was cut short by injury.  Next, Brian gravitated to modeling and acting building up a dance company for youth.  To help pay the bills Brian got in to the stock game obtaining his license to manage client assets.  Brian is giving his fans and want to be performers an opportunity to hear him speak and ask questions about how to maneuver your way to success in Hollywood.  Brian website show him doing a jumping pose in the nude.  There are movies where actors are asked to strip down to skin.  So, the obvious question is how to stand on your principles to stay clothed in a rapid stride to success.  Since this is presented by a school that teaches success based on business knowledge and knowledge from the Holy Bible.


laz alonso3





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Laz Alonso started off doing commercials while maintaining his job in finance.   Ask Laz about paying the bills while pursuing a career in arts and entertainment.  Laz has over 50 movies credits including the television series the Mysteries of Laura as Billy Soto.  The photos above are from Laz’s Facebook pages.  One thing I noticed is Laz’s regime for eating bad.  Laz just jumps back on the exercise wagon with a smoothie that looks more like oatmeal in a jar.  Hey if drinking the Almond Milk shake is the prerequisite  to a stunning healthy bod that yields dividends then all should sign up.  Hey 50 cent and Pepsi Laz has a 400 million dollar wonder shake to sell.  Laz and all his wisdom will be at the Missions and Ministry conference at Living Word Christian Center March 29 – April 1, 2016.












Bill Winston hosts 2016 Star Studded Missions and Ministry Conference

Bill Winston Hosts Annual Missions and Ministry Conference

Bill Winston Hosts
Annual Missions and Ministry Conference

Bill Winston’s organization is hosting a star-studded conference at this year’s annual Missions and Ministry Conference.  The conference is an opportunity for the average Joe and Jane to get a job at the career fair and pick up some knowledge from the pros on “how to get to the stage of success”.  This success could be in the entertainment industry, business, television rating, law, medical, civil rights or ministry.  The Hollywood stars speaking are Megan Good and husband Devon Franklin, Laz Alonso, LisaRaye McCoy, Brian White, Bre’ly Evans, Robi Reed, VP of BET talent and casting of Orginal programming, Traci Lynn Blackwell.  Former NAACP Legal Defense Fund Director Theodore ‘Ted’ Shaw and Editor at Large for Essence Magazine Mikki Taylor.  One other person you will want to see is Marcus Lamb, Founder and President of Daystar Television prophesied to be the number one television network by Prophet Brian Carn.

The conference is at Living Word Christian Center, 7600 W. Roosevelt Road in Forest Park, Illinois.

Daytime workshops: Thursday, March 31 and Friday, April 1

o   7:30AM to 3:00PM (registration fee required).

o   Topics include branding, leadership development, financial management, organizational strategy, social media marketing and much more.

Evening sessions: 6:00PM to 9:00PM (Free onsite childcare is provided).

The 2016 Missions and Marketplace Conference is presented by the Joseph Business School in association with The Merge Symposium, Living Word Christian Center, Living Word Bible Training Center, AIDS Healthcare Foundation and Walgreens.

Speaker information can be found For more information or to register for daytime workshops, visit the website, call 866.816.4653 or follow @drbillwinston on Twitter.

Key Note Speakers:

Dr. Bill Winston, Founder of the Joseph Business School and Senior Pastor, Living Word Christian Center;

DeVon Franklin, Film producer and New York Times Bestselling author and wife Meagan Good, Actress/Producer and New York TimesBestselling author;

Theodore “Ted” Shaw, Civil Rights Activist, Attorney and Professor;

Donald Lawrence, GRAMMY Award-winning Songwriter and Producer;

Marcus Lamb, Founder and President, Daystar Television Network;

Sophia Nelson, Activist, Speaker and Author;

Steve Pemberton, Author and VP/Global Chief Diversity Officer, Walgreens Boots Alliance,


Tameka Montgomery, Associate Administrator, SBA, Office of Entrepreneurial Development;

Dr. Cindy Jacobs, Prophet, Author and Founder, Generals of Intercession;
Traci Lynn Blackwell, SVP, Current Programs, The CW Network;

Ellen Rakieten, Television Producer and CEO, Ellen Rakieten Entertainment; Laurieann Gibson, Creative Director, The Haus of Gaga;

Dondre Whitfield, Actor and Producer

Pastor Mark Baker, Senior Pastor, Greater Works Ministries;

Robi Reed, Vice President, Talent and Casting, Original Programming, BET; Christian Keyes, Actor and Recording Artist;

Bre’ly Evans, Actress, Host, and Motivational Speaker;

Mikki Taylor, Author and Editor-at-Large, Essence Magazine;

Brian J. White, Actor and Producer,

LisaRaye McCoy, Actress, Producer and Entrepreneur;

Apostle Steven Garner, Author and Founder, Global Strategic Alliance;

Belinda Whitfield, CPA and Founder and CEO, Whitfield and Association;

David Cordeau, Associate Pastor, King Jesus International Ministry;

Wess Morgan, Pastor and Stellar and Dove-nominated Recording Artist;

Jonathan McReynolds, Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter

War Room Movie Review

ACAW Media solicited an opinion from a movie goer after she had seen the movie War Room and this is what she had to say:

“The movie “War Room” opened in theaters today and it is a “Devine” intervention.  I laughed. I cried.  It jumps immediately into the action of the lives of a married couple. There’s something for the faithful, unfaithful, men, women  young and old.  The movie addresses real life issues. It had to have been based on someone’s life (mine perhaps). It transitions well and remains entertaining throughout the movie. War Room was absolutely amazing.  I highly recommend it.  Believers and non-believers are in for a treat.
-Karen W.”

Now we know the faith movies with good characters is possible.  If people can not see themselves in the movie you know its a flop regardless of numbers.  But so far War Room is a movie people can relate.

No second chances in life take two film group 30 seconds of funny

For once I did not mind the endless ads Google displays on its search engine.  It was an ad for Snorg Tees which lead me to a film group called No second chances in life take two.  The idea behind No second chances is to become successful within 90 days by doing short films in length of 30 seconds to 3 minutes.  Yeap, 30 seconds.  If the Superbowl ads can do it then why not a bunch actors looking to actually make a living at acting.  Check the funny videos for yourself.

See the rest of the videos on the No second chances in life take two website.

This Weekend: God’s Not Dead the Movie

Over one million people viewed the you tube video for the movie, “God’s Not Dead” awaiting the arrival of it in a theater near you.  Wait no longer, it is in theaters today!  Kevin Sorbo (Prof Radisson) leads this cast of actors a the man that is convinced God is dead based on his life experiences.  It is up to his student Josh Wheaton played by Shane Harper to defend his faith and show that God is Not Dead or fail the class.  Prof. Radisson tells his class that in order to pass the class their first assignment is to state in writing, that God is dead and to forget about their faith considering it non-existent.  Find God’s Not Dead in a theater near you.

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You know Kevin Sorbo from Hercules the television show on Greek Gods which is still airing; Shane Harper from Good Luck Charlie, High School Musical 2; Dean Cain of Lois and Clark superman series and many Lifetime movies,; David A.R. White from Evening Shade, The Moment After 1 and 2 and Jerusalem Countdown.  The movie also features a special concert by the Newsboys who sings the song of the same title “God’s Not Dead”.  Something for the whole family to watch this weekend at the movies, God’s Not Dead.

Go to the official website for resource materials.

Michael B. Jordan of Fruitvale & 26 movies will hopefully play Johnny Storm

human torch vs sub-mariner all photos of cartoon from bing search,

human torch vs sub-mariner
all photos of cartoon from search,

So, the entertainment industry and science fiction fans are all abuzz with a black man playing the character,  Johnny Storm. It should be known that Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch aka Jim Hammond was an android that surrounds himself with fire and controls flames. The Human Torch was created by Phineas Horton, also a character first introduced in the Timely Comics, October 1939, by writer Carl Burgos. The fictional character Phineas created The Human Torch in his lab. When Marvel Comics took over Timely Comics, they kept the name the Human Torch and created another character called Johnny Storm the Human Torch which debuted November 1961 as a member of the Fantastic Four.
Storm was created from a cosmic occurrence on a spacecraft.                             Michael B. Jordan

What’s interesting is the original Human Torch dealt with ridicule because he was different from others. He eventually won over the people and became a hero. So, it looks like life may be imitating art. What difference does it make if a black man plays an android, its fantasy. The beauty of fantasy is imagination, change and acceptance. Do we need a Professor Phineas to give the final okay to cast a black man named Michael B. Jordan as The Human Torch, Johnny Storm and remind everyone Michael is a good actor and color does not matter?  Michael B. Jordan has 27 movies under his name and counting.

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#The Single Moms Club the Movie by Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry’s The Single Mom’s Club, the movie hits theaters March 14, 2014.  The trailers for the movies are moving and gives you an a light into the heads, emotions of the single mothers and their children.  Some women choose to be single mothers, some are forced to be and others are as a result of divorce, death of spouse or mate leaving the home.  Either way you slice it being a single mother is rough.

The kids act out because they do not know how to express themselves and often times the single mom is too busy working to put food on the table that they do not have the time to listen to the kids.  Support groups are great ways for single mothers to get the emotional stability that is lacking.  So, instead of blowing up at your kids you can vent with those who can truly empathize with you.

Tyler Perry was raised by a single mother who has since past.                                                              So, I guess we can say The Single Mom’s Club movie is  a                                                                    salute to Tyler’s Mom as well as to the many single mothers                                                                     in the world.  You can Like the page,                                                                                                               The Single Mom’s Club Movie to get up dates and chat.

Photos of the cast of The Single Moms Club

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