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Two young women survive car flipped onto expressway

Photo posted to Facebook by Rachel Ray and re-posted by Rita M. Kelly.  Full Facebook post not included to protect the comments of family and friends.  Photo credit given.

Photo posted to Facebook by Rachel Ray at 7:16am  and re-posted by Rita M. Kelly. Full Facebook post not included to protect the comments of family and friends. Photo credit given.

Late last night two young ladies were driving on the expressway and what seemed as simple drive soon turned into a praise fest for the young ladies and their families.  The car flipped over and remarkably the young ladies walked away without any physical damage to their persons.  The mom of one the young ladies, Rita Kelly credits the protection and survival to Jesus.  This is indeed the best Mother’s day gift ever, the ability to hug and kiss your child and have them hug you back.  As Rita Kelly says, “THANK YOU JESUS” which reportedly is what the young ladies screamed as their car flipped.  So, we can credit their safe keeping to Jesus, the highest power.  The fact they are unharmed, the car did not blow up, no scratches on them and they are of sound mind.  This is truly a good gift for Mother’s Day.  Never mind the flowers, a hug from your children is far more valuable.  Over 100 family and friends thanked God for this miracle.

It should be noted that on the same night others car accidents lost their lives in  a crash.  It is good to call on Jesus.

LUTG RADIO Last Minute Mother’s day Contest with Prizes Thursday and Friday 773-598-8900


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LUTG RADIO is doing a last-minute Mother’s day give-away contest Thursday and Friday May 8th and 9th, 6:50 am to 9 am during the morning show.  To win you just need to answer a question from the “Good Morning Holy Spirit Hot Praise” Segment.  For example,  What is the very first scripture quoted everyday on the show?  Or Who is the Father of Jesus?  You must be able to quote the scripture.   The contest is limited to the Chicagoland area due to not items will be shipped and venue of gifts are based in Chicago, Illinois.  To participate call 1-773-598-8900, must be at least 18 years of age to participate at the time of contest.  The show website  is and the show is aired online, .

It’s a really easy contest meant to help those that may not be able to purchase a Mother’s day gift but can win a gift for their Mom.  You must be at least 18 years of age or have an adult call into the show.  All prizes will be distributed prior to Mother’s day at a designated Police Station for security purposes.  The winner of the contest must show identification to pick up the prize.  A photo of the winner with the gift will be taken and posted to social media and the LUTG RADIO NETWORK.


Disclaimer:All goods are sealed.  LUTG RADIO is not responsible handling or mishandling of the product.  All issue with product are the responsibility of the manufacturer and not LUTG RADIO, LUTG RADIO NETWORK and/or its agent(s).  All Jewelry is new and may have allergic properties.  Contact the manufacturer or doctor prior to wearing if you have allergies.  Jewelry is from Claire’s Boutique at the Ford City Mall Chicago, Illinois.  The food is from Aldi Food Stores and Walmart Department Stores. LUTG RADIO NETWORK is not responsible for gifts not picked up or any travel expenses and is not liable for any actions that may result from the contest.  All participants must be of legal age, at least 18 years of age at the time of contest.  The participant(s) is solely responsible for pickup and his/her actions during the contest and pick up.   One Prize per person per household in a 7 day  period. All rights reserved.


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