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Mayweather: A very Good Man of his own hype

Today the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos sort of competed for the Super Bowl XVLIII Trophy.  One of the most talked about things on the internet and made to be sort of a major event for the last few days by the mainstream media, whether or not Boxer Floyd Mayweather bet the a sum of $10.4 Million dollars on the Broncos to win.

Mayweather denies the chatter as a rumor as he stands in front of a pile of cash on January 30, 2014 posing.  But, we got to look at this from a rich person’s point of view, it’s just money.   Mayweather happens to have a lot of it depending on who you ask.  Some creditors say ah not too sure cause he reportedly was late paying a car note and owed the IRS money for taxes reportedly.  Mayweather is a hype machine and since he is not Miley Cyrus swinging naked on a wrecking ball or some rich chef serving up body parts as a delicacy at $250k per plate, the brain machine goes to work making money for “the Money Team”.

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Now, there are no concrete words from Mayweather confirming this but let just take a look at the photos and text images provided by Mayweather and you use you Nancy Drew,  Detective Columbus or Richard Castle skills of unraveling the mystery of this hype that was aligned with one of the most watched events in America, the Super Bowl.  Some people on the internet called Mayweather a few choice names and offered the advice of only risking say less than a $100

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