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A special occasion deserves a special announcement. Announce your new engagement and wedding in ACAW MEDIA.

Announce your wedding engagement to the world

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Share your joy with family, friends, peers near and far away with a wedding announcement in print online with photos, how he/she proposed and season of wedding date, spring, summer, fall, winter.  Everyone loves a good wedding proposal.  So, what’s your story? Share your love story today with a wedding announcement on ACAW MEDIA.

The wedding announcement price plans are:

Package one: 1 photo 25 words of text $5.00

Package two: 1 photo 45 words of text $7.00

Package three: 1 photo 60 words of text $10.00

Package four: 1 photo 100 words of text $15.00

Package five: 2 photos 250 words of text $20.00

Package six: 2 photos 350 words of text $25.00

Package seven: 3 photos 500 words of text $55.00

For larger packages please contact ACAWMEDIA@GMAIL.COM, subject line: Wedding Announcement.  Radio Announcements available on LUTG RADIO

Payments made electronically via Paypal,  PAYPAL BUTTON

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