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This Weekend in Review: The Inheritance


It’s a Yes!
Saturday I saw a musical reading of a stage play called “The Inheritance” written by
Monica Patton and Bobby Daye. Sonia Surratt is the director and Mahmoud Khan is the musical director. Premise: bastard daughter with chip on her shoulder returns home to a drug addict mother after the death of the matriarch.
The breakdown, Fania (Fa-ni-a)Bourn plays the daughter, Milla. Chawanya (Cha-wan-ya) Hayes plays Wilhelmina, upper crust drug addict mother; Renee Lockett is Louisa, the housemaid and long time friend of Milla’s grandmother; Gabriel Mudd is Leland, the nephew of Louisa and in love with his cousin Milla. Rodrigo Ignacio Cruz is Arnaud the married man Milla is scooting around in her bed. Anthony Turner is Tommy, the successful drug deal/addict boyfriend of Wilhelmina.
Ensemble cast, Adam Lasalle is Mr. FItzpatrick the lawyer; Erica Deloach is Violet, funny gospel singer and the 911 operator, Marc Rogers is Mr. Wellington Drummer is Christopher Singleton.
After the play completed the audience got to ask questions. So that the writers can determine what needs improvements.
The cast was very convincing. The audience was fully invested. We did get a bit thrown off by the song during the funeral scene. It wasn’t your typical sound, but it stole the scene. You could not help but to laugh.
Chawanya Hayes as WIlhelmina was so good, Most know Chawanya from her music. Fania Bourne as the angry 28-year-old in need of love truly showed why she got the lead. Makes me wish I had seen her in dream girls also. All of the actors were just a delight to watch.
We, the audience,  genuinely liked this production. This is a good date night theatrical performance. Check with eta creative arts for a full production schedule.

Eta magic box series snags Fania Bourn for The Inheritance musical


Fania Bourn

Fabian Bourn is a Mom first then an actress who kicked the but of illness.  Fania’s social media Facebook page shows posts for five different plays and musicals. The titles are: In De Beginnin’ , Dream girls as Deena, , To Kill A Mocking Bird as Calpurnia, The Who’s: Tommy as Acid Queen and Hairspray-as an extra dancer.  If Fania is pushing this hard in 2017 as she did in 2016 the breakthrough to success is within reach. You can see the talented and hopeful Fania Bourn on January 21, 2017 at the eta Magic Box series “The Inheritance” musical reading.  Admission is free for two show 3 p.m and 7 p.m., 7558 South Chicago Ave, Chicago, Illinois.



fania-bourn-as-deena-in-dreamgirls-2016fania-bourn-in-hairspray-2016 fania-bourn-in-to-kill-a-mocking-bird-2016fania-bourn-in-play-in-de-beginnin the-who-s-tommy-as-acid-queen-2016 The Inheritance: ft Chawanya Hayes


















Inheritance: Singer Chawanya Hayes hits the theatrical stage

The Inheritance: ft Chawanya Hayes

Chawanya Hayes Instagram Social Media Page

Chawanya Hayes

Chawanya Hayes Instagram Social Media Page

Singer Chawanya Hayes performing in a staged musical reading, “The Inheritance” presented by the eta Magic Box series, January 21, 2017, two shows 3 p.m. and 7 p.m., 7558 S. Chicago Ave, Chicago, Illinois, free admission but donation suggested.

Chawanya Hayes is a great singer you ought to hear.  You have heard her music  on LUTG RADIO and many other music outlets.

This Weekend: Kingdom Culture prayer and music to uplift Texas

This weekend in Killeen Texas, Faith Organization, Kingdom Culture is opening its doors to the community and anyone that wants prayer, hearts healed, to be infused with hope and joy through music to come out this Sunday July 17, 2016 at 5:30 p.m., at 828 S. Fort Hood Street, Killeen, Texas 76541, to receive your blessing.  Community leaders are coming out in unity to lift their voices in prayer for Texas and the United States of America and where-ever the feet of the body of Christ is directed. Come get loved by these joyful men and women of God:

Rapologist: Lachanda Wilson Nicole, Daniel Cold Front Blackellar
Psalmist and Minister: Jamika Willis
Ministers: Trae Crockett and wife Stephanie Monique Crockett                                                                                                                                             Entrepreneur and Marketplace Minister: Phil Smith
Apostles Azeez Jinadu and wife Tonetta Harris Jinadu
and many more


Artists: How to help fans find your shows

Good Example of making it super easy for fans to attend shows,

Good Example of making it super easy for fans to attend shows.  Aye Sanford shows date, location and when you click on it you can get more details,

The best way to get more fans, new fan and people to show up for your performances is to make your events super easy to find.  The first step is to create a website.  You can do this for Free via .  The is the one I, Kathy Brocks of LUTG RADIO, use so if there are others then by all means use them after doing your research of the company to make sure they intend on sticking around for a while.  Next create a “show or event” page that lets everyone know about your next upcoming show name, location, cost and how to purchase tickets or whether its free.

Then, tell readers, googlers, social media darlings a little something about you and your style of music.  Tell people where they can buy your music via digital download or CD.  You also, want to push your SWAG or Artist t-shirts and other apparel.  Each time you do a show upload a 30 second or 2 minute clip of the show to engage people or post it to your social media pages.  Engage fans by asking questions on social media.  Ask them about their favorite song, vacation, inspiration and share yours.  Do not tell it all, just chat briefly for a few minutes daily or weekly.

Good example of show dates and locations,

Good example of show dates and locations,

Remember, to not seek to find fault.  Fans sometimes get overly excited when meeting a talented artist such as yourself.  Just remind them, success is a daily process of choices and we are all just people working on making a living at what we love the most, music and performing.  Let fans know you love them like a sister or brother.  Do not encourage romance.  Some fans got enough fantasy going on in their own heads already.  Also, pray for your fans daily.  It is a blessing to their lives.  Its feels good to know someone is praying for you.  Keep this in mind as you go about grinding and working hard to achieve your dreams of reaching the masses with the gospel through music and artistic performances.  Included are screenshots of artists that do a good job helping fans to attend their next performance.

I play music and performances on air for free currently.  The main requirement is be a Christian artist and provide clean material.  Tae Spears is an example of why LUTG RADIO offers free airplay for artists.  Check out 16 Bars,

Nikeya Young performing Saturday July 16th at Joy summer outdoor festival

Nikeya Young performing Saturday July 16th at Joy’s Summer Outdoor festival in Lansing, Illinois, 2025 East 175th at 3:15 p.m.-3:30 p.m, free admission.

Nikeya Young performing at Joy's Annual Summer Outdoor Festival!media/c3kt

Nikeya Young performing at Joy’s Annual Summer Outdoor Festival!media/c3kt








Our Jan is with Jesus-Jan Crouch of TBN died 05/31/2016

Jan Crouch passed away May 31, 2016 from complications associated with a severe stroke several months earlier.  Jan born Janice Wendell Crouch born in 1938.  Jan was loved by many people all around the world for her generous heart and Big colorful hair. Jan is also known for bringing toys to kids in Haiti via the Smile of Child humanitarian organization which also provides medical supplies, food and clothes to impoverished families around the world.  Jan turned the Holy Land amusement park  into a first-rate vacation destination.  Jan’s dedication to promoting the gospel garnered multiple awards for excellence in service and quality.  Jan’s heart was one of the biggest.  You can see previous interviews on Trinity Broadcast Network where both Jan and Paul interview Pastors, Ministers, Musicians getting these learned, experienced and anointed men and women of God to break down into simple words how they overcome struggles in the hope that the testimonies will bless all watching.  There were no shortage of testimonies or jokes about Jan’s Big hair.  She took the jokes in stride.  Some days the hair would grow bigger and other days smaller.  The bigger the hair the bigger Jan’s smile.  Jan captured the hearts of many and will be greatly missed.  Jan was blessed to have a family  that supported the vision of TBN.  Jan leaves her sons, Paul Jr. (Brenda-wife) and Matthew (Laurie-wife); a sister, Dorothy Casoria; grandchildren; and one great-grandchild to carry on the vision of God for Trinity Broadcast Network.

Janice Wendell Crouch Memorial Page


Worship is a great way to move through grief,  Turn on LUTG RADIO,



Music Icon Prince Rodgers Nelson is Dead

Prince, a music icon dead.  Prince suffered from issues relating to the flu.  The Artist made an emergency stop in the state of Illinois on April 15, 2016 to get treatment at an Illinois hospital for a few hours.  Upon release Prince performed in concert.  Prince was found in his home, in Chanhassen, Minnesota, unresponsive earlier today April 21, 2016.

Prince began his career in 1976 at the age of 17 writing songs for Pepe Willie and doing demos in the studio with Chris Moon which lead to Warner Bros and Purple Rain.  Its a sad day cause the Prince is gone.  Pray for his soul, family, friends and fans as we remember him and enjoy the legacy Prince left.

Ebony Archer Nominated and 2016 tour

Hey Hey Hey Chicago’s Own Ebony Archer heard on LUTG RADIO is nominated as Solo Pop Artist of the year for the Prayze Factor People’s Choice Award. The awards show runs all weekend from April 22-24, 2016. Ebony Archer scheduled to perform on April 24th.  The Prayze Factor Peoples Choice awards is an awards show for independent gospel artists.

Archer is also nominated for Outstanding Female Vocalist for the Independent Artists Christian Music Awards 2016 .  Archer kicks off her 2016 tour The Sounds of Ebony June 24, 2016

Book Fire and Love Worship Encounter with Singer Songwriter Daryl Boyer

Singer Songwriter Daryl Boyer wants to ignite the fire of Praise and Worship in your church, event or gathering.

Draw in the crowds with Fire and Love Worship

Draw in the crowds with Fire and Love Worship

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