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The Rideshare Guy Harry Campbell on Uber Class Action Lawsuit

The Rideshare Guy, Harry Campbell breaks down the Rideshare platforms on contractor vs employee rights to what’s the best option for people wanting to earn extra cash.  So, if you ever wanted to ask someone about what is it like driving for a rideshare platform, just ask the Rideshare Guy,  Harry actually tests out each platform that is reported on the Rideshare Guy website.  Harry prefers to review platforms that have at least hit the top five major consumer markets like Chicago, New York, Boston, California and Washington.

In an effort to help all of the curious rideshare drivers and riders understand all the legal mumbo jumbo of the Rideshare lawsuit filed against Uber Harry interviewed the Attorney Shannon Liss-Riordan that filed a lawsuit against rideshare platform Uber Technology Inc., in regards to defining the true status of its drivers using the platform.    Attorney Riordan stated that the goal is to get the courts to clearly define whether or not the drivers are entitled to employee privileges based on California Law which states employees can get reimbursed for work related expenses like auto repair, maintenance, gas, etc.

The issue is that the contract for driver contractor employment says the drivers can file disputes according to California law and must file in the state of California, the headquarters of Uber.  The wording is such that it seems impossible to fight.  Harry brought up a good point about the class action lawsuit may cause the rideshare companies to go bankrupt.  Attorney Riordan rebutted that Uber is a 50 billion company.  Harry asked about the drivers that are happy with the way things are now and do not want to be an Uber employee.  In short, Attorney Riordan is focused on providing fairness across the board and getting the legal writings of employment contract terms to be equally fair to worker and employer.  Whereas the drivers can not set their own rates but do get to set their own hours to some degree.  Lyft and Sidecar are also based in the state of California.  The outcome of the class action lawsuit will have a major impact on all of the rideshare platforms.  The entire interview is available on the Rideshare Guy website.  Attorney Shannon Liss-Riordan also has a website set up for anyone to read up on the class action lawsuit.

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Jewel Food Stores six day job fair April 29-May 8, 2014

Alderman Walter Burnett Jr of the 27th ward announces a six day job fair at Jewel Osco Store beginning April 29, May 1, 3, 5,6,8, 2014.  The Jewel Osco Store is located in the near north area located at 424 West Division, Chicago, Illinois.  The times of the fair vary per day.  See image for details.


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