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Christian Comedy Association: Bone Hampton hosts Dove Awards

Bone Hampton is one of our favorite comedians.  The bonus is he is a true man of God, loving Jesus out loud. Bone is the host of the Comedy show at the Dove awards October 12 at the Shamblin Theatre in Lipscomb University, 7:00 p.m..  The headliners are Sherri Shepherd and John Crist.  Bone is throwing us a bone by holding seats for anyone who says they will be at the Comedy show tomorrow. So Text Bone at (770 331-0132) ASAP so he can hold your seat.  Bone only sends out these special bonuses via the Christian Comedy Association.  So to get the heads up, you got to sign up.  The info to reserve your seat is in the image below.  Remember to sign up for the next event.

Reserve a seat at the Dove awards comedy show part 2 of cca bonehampton seat reserve


Comedian Rickey Smiley Funny Facebook Post

May 5,2014 Comedian Rickey Smiley posted a Facebook post of a women in her underwear with two little girls.  It does make you wonder why would any woman serve up herself and her kids to scrutiny and all men with eyes.  Does the photo mean look am sexy and single with kids or hey am freaky or hey I got kids but we can do whatever?  No woman should ever be that desperate for a date, husband or anything.  It looks like she is serving up her kids as well.   It would have been better had she put on a dress, t-shirt and shorts, a pair of freaking pants.  Ladies is dignity gone?

May 5 2014 fb post by rickey smiley

Funny celebrity post still circulating

A Facebook post from the Loni Love Facebook shows everyone that teachers and adults should seek to inspire and knock down kids.

If you want a kid to quiet a smart mouth then use wisdom otherwise the smart mouth will bite back.5 7 2014 fb post from feb 18 2014

Loni Love is a talk show host, author and comedian.

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