This Weekend in Review: The Inheritance


It’s a Yes!
Saturday I saw a musical reading of a stage play called “The Inheritance” written by
Monica Patton and Bobby Daye. Sonia Surratt is the director and Mahmoud Khan is the musical director. Premise: bastard daughter with chip on her shoulder returns home to a drug addict mother after the death of the matriarch.
The breakdown, Fania (Fa-ni-a)Bourn plays the daughter, Milla. Chawanya (Cha-wan-ya) Hayes plays Wilhelmina, upper crust drug addict mother; Renee Lockett is Louisa, the housemaid and long time friend of Milla’s grandmother; Gabriel Mudd is Leland, the nephew of Louisa and in love with his cousin Milla. Rodrigo Ignacio Cruz is Arnaud the married man Milla is scooting around in her bed. Anthony Turner is Tommy, the successful drug deal/addict boyfriend of Wilhelmina.
Ensemble cast, Adam Lasalle is Mr. FItzpatrick the lawyer; Erica Deloach is Violet, funny gospel singer and the 911 operator, Marc Rogers is Mr. Wellington Drummer is Christopher Singleton.
After the play completed the audience got to ask questions. So that the writers can determine what needs improvements.
The cast was very convincing. The audience was fully invested. We did get a bit thrown off by the song during the funeral scene. It wasn’t your typical sound, but it stole the scene. You could not help but to laugh.
Chawanya Hayes as WIlhelmina was so good, Most know Chawanya from her music. Fania Bourne as the angry 28-year-old in need of love truly showed why she got the lead. Makes me wish I had seen her in dream girls also. All of the actors were just a delight to watch.
We, the audience,  genuinely liked this production. This is a good date night theatrical performance. Check with eta creative arts for a full production schedule.

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