Esteban Santiago kills 5 injures 8 at Ft Lauderdale airport today

Kathy Brocks, ACAW Editor, LUTG RADIO Host, Lyft/Uber Driver

by Kathy Brocks

26-year-old Esteban Santiago of New Jersey shot and killed 5 random people injuring 8 after taking time to reload handgun today at about 1:00 p.m. eastern time at the Ft Lauderdale, Florida airport.  The 26-year-old was arrested by Broward County Sheriff without injury.  Esteban Santiago is being interviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigations,FBI, Broward County Police and the Ft Lauderdale Airport Officials.

Survivors of the shooting stated that Esteban Santiago, wearing a military identification badge suddenly pulled out his handgun, began shooting until he exhausted his cartridge, reloaded and started shooting again.  After unloading all of his arsenal Santiago laid down on the airport floor spread eagle with hands behind his head expecting to be arrested and not attempting to flee capture. Originally, Esteban Santiago injured 13 people.  But, 5 of his victims bleed out and died as a result of injuries according to Broward County Sheriff Israel.

FT Lauderdale Fl Airport shooting

FT Lauderdale Fl Airport shooting

Presently, there is no other clear and identifiable danger.  Law enforcement is still treating the airport and surrounding areas as an active and fluid investigation scene.  Which means every inch of the airport going outward will be searched for additional threats.  If persons were handcuffed and detained Sheriff Israel said they will be released once cleared as a threat.  Presently, only Esteban Santiago about 5 ft 7 inches around 155 to 165 pounds is under arrest.  It is not clear of Esteban Santiago’s origination flight or if any terrorist connections. One witness said Esteban came out of the Canada terminal with him.

The expressways leading to and surrounding the airport are experiencing delays.  Sheriff Israel asked that no one call 911 regarding shots fired at airport.  Rather, only use 911 for emergency issues unrelated to the airport shooting.


Air Canada reporting via CTV Toronto that they do not have a Esteban Santiago on their flight list.

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