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This Weekend in Review: The Inheritance


It’s a Yes!
Saturday I saw a musical reading of a stage play called “The Inheritance” written by
Monica Patton and Bobby Daye. Sonia Surratt is the director and Mahmoud Khan is the musical director. Premise: bastard daughter with chip on her shoulder returns home to a drug addict mother after the death of the matriarch.
The breakdown, Fania (Fa-ni-a)Bourn plays the daughter, Milla. Chawanya (Cha-wan-ya) Hayes plays Wilhelmina, upper crust drug addict mother; Renee Lockett is Louisa, the housemaid and long time friend of Milla’s grandmother; Gabriel Mudd is Leland, the nephew of Louisa and in love with his cousin Milla. Rodrigo Ignacio Cruz is Arnaud the married man Milla is scooting around in her bed. Anthony Turner is Tommy, the successful drug deal/addict boyfriend of Wilhelmina.
Ensemble cast, Adam Lasalle is Mr. FItzpatrick the lawyer; Erica Deloach is Violet, funny gospel singer and the 911 operator, Marc Rogers is Mr. Wellington Drummer is Christopher Singleton.
After the play completed the audience got to ask questions. So that the writers can determine what needs improvements.
The cast was very convincing. The audience was fully invested. We did get a bit thrown off by the song during the funeral scene. It wasn’t your typical sound, but it stole the scene. You could not help but to laugh.
Chawanya Hayes as WIlhelmina was so good, Most know Chawanya from her music. Fania Bourne as the angry 28-year-old in need of love truly showed why she got the lead. Makes me wish I had seen her in dream girls also. All of the actors were just a delight to watch.
We, the audience,  genuinely liked this production. This is a good date night theatrical performance. Check with eta creative arts for a full production schedule.

Eta magic box series snags Fania Bourn for The Inheritance musical


Fania Bourn

Fabian Bourn is a Mom first then an actress who kicked the but of illness.  Fania’s social media Facebook page shows posts for five different plays and musicals. The titles are: In De Beginnin’ , Dream girls as Deena, , To Kill A Mocking Bird as Calpurnia, The Who’s: Tommy as Acid Queen and Hairspray-as an extra dancer.  If Fania is pushing this hard in 2017 as she did in 2016 the breakthrough to success is within reach. You can see the talented and hopeful Fania Bourn on January 21, 2017 at the eta Magic Box series “The Inheritance” musical reading.  Admission is free for two show 3 p.m and 7 p.m., 7558 South Chicago Ave, Chicago, Illinois.



fania-bourn-as-deena-in-dreamgirls-2016fania-bourn-in-hairspray-2016 fania-bourn-in-to-kill-a-mocking-bird-2016fania-bourn-in-play-in-de-beginnin the-who-s-tommy-as-acid-queen-2016 The Inheritance: ft Chawanya Hayes


















Inheritance: Singer Chawanya Hayes hits the theatrical stage

The Inheritance: ft Chawanya Hayes

Chawanya Hayes Instagram Social Media Page

Chawanya Hayes

Chawanya Hayes Instagram Social Media Page

Singer Chawanya Hayes performing in a staged musical reading, “The Inheritance” presented by the eta Magic Box series, January 21, 2017, two shows 3 p.m. and 7 p.m., 7558 S. Chicago Ave, Chicago, Illinois, free admission but donation suggested.

Chawanya Hayes is a great singer you ought to hear.  You have heard her music  on LUTG RADIO and many other music outlets.

President Obama FLY’s the W at the Whitehouse

Obama Fly's the W Photo by Kathy Brocks

Obama Fly’s the W
Photo by Kathy Brocks

President Obama welcomes our 2016 Chicago World Series to the White house, January 16, 2017.  President Obama an openly Chicago Whitesox fan for life took this day, the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday celebration, to honor a team that fought hard in unity to achieve a victory long out of reach for 108 years.  President Obama’s great humor brought smiles to the faces of the Chicago Cubs, press core and the over 4000 you tube watchers.  This moment as President Obama recounted the play-by-play of the win sent me back to the moment of happy anxiety awaiting the moment that we all believed when Rizzo tossed the last ball of his career to seal the win.  It was intense.  Today , joy is the word.  Just looking at all these men in class photo form smiling.

You remember when you would day-dream about being the world series champs and being celebrated by the president.  You may have been in fourth grade, high school or college.  Although, it was a rare dream which always happened to someone else, today its official, The Chicago Cubs are no longer dreaming.  Our 2016 Chicago Cubs World Series Champions are the heroes of little kids in Chicago and all over the world.  The cool thing about the Cubs is they are not just heroes on the field, they also give back to others by volunteering over 1400 hours this past year. #FlyW

IDOT asks “drive safely”


President Obama gives Biden Medal of Freedom award

“Glad I can say I was a part of this presidency” direct quote from Biden.  President Obama awards Vice President Biden the the Medal of freedom.

Vice President Biden chokes backs tears giving thank you speech. Lauding praise over President Obama and Michelle. Biden heralds Michelle as the best first lady among many. Biden says although he gets to be the last voice in Obama’s ear on major decisions, ultimately Obama made the decisions and did it well. Biden exclaims the pleasure of watching a finely tuned mind at work in President Obama.
Biden quotes Irish Poet Seamus Heaaney-“you carried your own burden and very soon your creeping symptom of privilege disappear.”
and says”I know i do not deserve this honor, this is from the generosity of your spirit.” Meaning out of the generosity of President Obama.  Biden also received a Gold Medal of Freedom award from the President of Kosovo Fatmir Sejdiu in May 21, 2009

Join me in thanking God for Senator Pat Roberts’ wife recovery from surgery

Please join me in Thanking God for Mrs. Roberts healing from a stroke and surgery to fix it. This is Gordon Roberts Mom and Pat Roberts’ wife.Email from Gordon Roberts,
Photo Source: Gordon Roberts, Son.

Photo Source: Gordon Roberts, Son.- Senator Pat Roberts and Wife

“Dear CBN Family, I am writing with a request for prayer. My mother was taken to the hospital last evening as the result of a stroke. She underwent surgery early this morning to remove a blood clot on the brain, and is now resting comfortably in ICU. Please join my Dad, my family, and me in concerted prayer as we petition the Lord for her complete recovery. God bless you, Gordon”

Intelligence Community Press Release 2017 January 6 Russia put Trump in office of President

This is the press release from the United States of America Intelligence Community known as the CIA, Central Intelligence Agency, FBI, Federal Bureau of Investigation, NSA, National Security Agency.  These three groups believe Russian operatives at the instruction of Russian leader Vladimir Putin infiltrated U.S. computers, performed hate campaigns and other things to generate the outcome of Donald Trump being elected as President of the United States of America.  Read this document for yourself.  Also go to the CIA page and read up on the Cold War a report generated by the CIA.

The 2017 January 6 Intelligence Community Report

LUTG RADIO summary of press release,


Sheriff Israel Broward County Press Conference on airport shooting

Esteban Santiago kills 5 injures 8 Press Conference

Sheriff Scott Israel of Broward County holds press conference on Ft Lauderdale airport shooting.

Open-Call for Journalist and Podcastors

Source: , 2017 January 6, 745pm ct

Source: whitehouse , 2017 January 6, 745 p.m. ct

“Republicans “Bum Rush” America with Vote-O-Rama Cabinet Hearings”

Please consider covering this political event with your podcast, tv program, media department, journalism department. If you need an additional distribution outlet I will post your fact based story with raw unedited audio, video and photographic proof on .

Provide unedited and On-Air ready copy to prove story. Avoid Hyperbole, stick to facts. News story will run as submitted You, the producers, creators, organization, staff, contributors, sources are responsible for all content and liability
.-Kathy Brocks
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