Man shot 9 times by Police at Lovesfield Airport Texas domestic dispute

Police Shot Man 9 times at Loves Field Airport 06/10/2016, 12:20pm

The following is a graphic video of the shooting of a man involved in a domestic dispute at Loves Field Airport.  The man threw rocks at the vehicle of the mother of his children breaking a window.  Police came on the scene and asked the man to put down the rock.  Police report the source of the rock is from the decorative rocks surrounding the airport entrance drive up areas.  A Mr. Armstrong, the videographer, who shot the video stated police instructed man to put down the rock twice as the man was walking towards the mother of his child in the vehicle and the police.  Bystanders report that the man stated “Shoot me”.

Police then proceeded to shoot the man.  The first burst of bullets were four.  The man fell to the ground but continued to move more than likely from pain.  Police instructed the man to stop moving.  The man did not comply so the police let out additional shots and third round of shots rang out as people ran for cover.  The woman involved in the domestic dispute then screamed out in horror as she looked at the now motionless father of her children laying on the ground riddled with police bullets.  The scene was chaotic.  Airport travelers clearly devastated and some sobbing as they ran for cover not knowing what else was to come.  Others expressed the inhumanity of police asking if it was enough and indicating excessive force.  Bystanders clearly thought the 9 nine bullets were excessive.  Even cattle are shot less.

The question must be asked what type of training do police take that tells them to kill a man clearly asking for help when he says “Shoot me”.  Why is it okay to shoot a man without a gun 9 times.  Why shoot a man repeatedly that is already down?  When will justice reach humanity in the form of love?


LUTG RADIO News report on LoveField Shooting





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