i Spy: Walmart Receipts No Prices!




Running errands as most know can be a pain or a breather depending where you are at on the stress spectrum.  You buy stuff stick the receipt in your pocket and check when you get home right.  If you need to take something back and get cash back you just check you receipts.

But what if you got a weeks worth of receipts with no prices and scarce descriptions then what?  I suggest taking a draw full of Walmart receipts and letting the customer service people sort through them and see how they like deciphering the maze of illegible ink.  Hey, techs for Walmart checkouts “how about it if you make it to the stores to add the ink”.  Staff says a technician has to be called out to put ink in the machines in order to get a decent receipt.  How about it if Walmart allowed customers to get receipts via email?  Am just saying, I want to know how much I paid for stuff.  Does anyone think maybe people are less likely to return an item if they can not see the price of the item purchased.  Regardless of fault, customers want a legible receipt.  Walmart it all comes down to you.  So, as the ballad singers would say, “PLEEEEASE BABBBY BABBBY PLEASE  Get your stuff together.”

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