Ass Out to increase social media presence

sphere Beta vroppedWhen I opened my Google Chrome this morning the Sphere Beta picture showed a young woman on a bike taking off panties with the side of her butt showing.  Too much am thinking .  I wanted to figure out why the need for a naked woman to sell bikes or maybe its an article on health.  I clicked the image and not to my surprise it’s just “Ass-Out”,  no article on health or the strength of women or exercise.

The images are just further degrading women.  Sure it can be seen as a positive for how good the women look, but it kind of looks like pornography.  Porn is more mainstream now, not in back alleys,  red doors or midnight showings only.  It’s on prime time television, cable with male and female genitals on display, side boobs, butts and suggestive Ala Carte.   It’s readily available in magazines and a way to push media magazines with Facebook clicks of naked chicks.  The old adage still holds true, “Sex Sells”.  Images of women naked or almost naked on bikes is not the image or idea young girls or boys or us adults should have in our heads.  We should be telling our youth about building their faith, intellect and stronger healthy bodies.  We should be leading by example, not faking it.

The naked women is an advertisement is asking people to Like the Facebook page of Daily Lifestyle.  It’s no wonder men often perceive women as emotional when a woman is standing her ground because they can not see her for the naked images put before their eyes constantly.  These images seem to make it so women are not heard unless they are naked.  It’s as if a fully clothed woman is silent, non-existent.  So when a woman speaks she is being indignant, rude and coarse.  No, she is just fully clothed and being ignored.  Can a man respect a fully clothed woman he has not seen naked?

girl on a bike



Try reading something positive about women, National Organization of Women Women of Excellence Awards , Faith World Church Co-Pastor Jennifer Cruz 2012 Mrs. Illinois, Living Word Christian Center Dr. Veronica Winston Teacher , ABC News Anchor Kathy Brock, ABC News Anchor Cheryl Burton, Hillary Rodham Clinton running for President of the United States.  Search the internet, your community you will find many women of excellence with their clothes on speaking intelligently with dignity.  Women be heard.

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