Daniel Wade and Matt Kysia performed at fall festival Chicago at Daley Center

by Kathy Brocks

The Fall Festival Chicago at the Daley Center under the Picasso was a great kick off to the first weekend in October 2015. The Fall festival is a break in the day for Chicago’s to hang out and listen to good music during the lunch time hours. Matt Kysia and Daniel Wade warmed our cold bones on this fall day.  Admittedly I had never heard of Matt Kysia or Daniel Wade.  My naivety proved to be a benefit.  I got to listen without reserve to Soulful Rock, R&B and a bit of the 80’s style rock that makes you want to jump and sing-along.  Matt Kysia’s vocals are raspy smooth and sexy.  Daniel Wade’s vocals are classic rock.  Two great performances.
Daniel Wade released four EP’s, Hyperconnector, Stronger Machines, Rising Moon Anxiety and One For The Void.  Daniel covered Amy Winehouse’s song called Valerie.  Sad song but Daniel makes the song his own.  You can hear the emotions and ironic humor conveyed in his vocals.  Nice job considering I do not listen to Amy Winehouse music.  You may have seen Daniel this summer during the Chicago summer festivals and concert venues around Chicago.like Taste of Randolph, a massive event, GMan Tavern, subterranean, the Beat Kitchen and a few more. A few of Daniel’s fans showed up to rock out. You can find Daniel’s upcoming events on SongKick.

One of Matt’s new-found fans said that Matt’s voice is one you can Step Dance to all night long.  Step Dancing is a very popular shuffle rhythm dance beloved among southerners and people in the midwest.  This is truly a compliment because serious Step Dancers are particular about their music and vocalists.  Your vocals need to be clean and smooth with some sexy kick, Matt.  The good thing about Matt is that he can move from one style of music to the next effortlessly.  Matt hails from the Motor CIty, Detroit Michigan, a great place to learn vocal rhythms.  Matt Kysia has a new demo out on his Facebook page Kysia Live.

This is a clip of Matt Kysia’s performance,


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