3 Tips for girls to thrive in high school

by Contributor Aingham69

High school and the transition into college should be the greatest time of your life. You’re young and have few responsibilities. The problem is many young girls shy away from making the most of it. It’s time to thrive, and you can do that with these three tips.

Get Ahead In Classes
Spending all your time with friends is something many high school girls want to do, but don’t forget about your future. You can make school and college work so much easier by getting a head. Spend some time every weekend reading ahead. During the school vacation periods, spend extra time each week just learning the harder material. When it comes to homework and assignments during the school year, you’ll find them much easier to handle.

Get Organized for Essay Due Dates
While the teachers will help you manage your time in high school, getting organized is a great way to thrive. It will put you in good stead for the college years, when your tutors will expect you to manage your time yourself. Time management is a skill that people can learn, but it does take time. Make the effort to get better at it now, and you’ll soon find life becomes easier.

Find a Good Balance
While school work is important, spending time with friends is too. This is why finding a good balance between school and socializing is so important. Don’t put all the emphasis on getting ahead in your classes. There’s nothing wrong with having a weekend off now and then to go to a friend’s sleepover and certainly nothing wrong with taking a week’s vacation to spend time with family members.
It’s time to thrive, and you can do that with the above tips. Finding that balance between school work and socializing will help you in the future. You’ll not only get ahead in your classes, but build great social and time management skills that will help you in your future work.

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Article by Freelance Contributor Aingham69



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