Vice President Joe Biden Addresses U.S Africa Summit Attendees


VP Biden says, Civilians are the keys to success of  a country.

VP Biden says, Civilians are the keys to success of a country.

Vice President Joe Biden encourages the group that they are the solution to the problem of instability in the continent of Africa.  Biden draws comparison to the United States of America.  Which draws the mind back to the history of the United States.  If the people of the colonies had not banded together, America would be a British Colony.  If President Lincoln did not free the slaves and band together with them America the land of the free may not exist today and be just as divided as many other countries around the world in the midst of war now.

Democracy is about the people banding together under one common idea to live free and value the opinions of all of its citizens.  Biden’s statement, “The civil society has as much to do with the success of Africa as much as the country leaders”, hits home with the press inquiring what are the plans of African leaders to combat the violence on children with regards to the 200 girls taken from a school-house.  The girls were sold for $12 each into the sex trade industry.

Democracy and equality is based on the ideas of full freedom of all persons.  Biden reiterates a nation can grow strong with cooperative efforts.  Biden states corruption is like a sickness that is stomped out by the civilians of the country working together to build a better country.  For example, those that enforce the laws must be incorruptible.  Otherwise you rob and pillage the future of your country.  Democracy becomes non-existent.

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