The Return Review-Absolutely Amazing!

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Last night was absolutely amazing.  The performance artist raised the praise at Rock da Spot, cafe of Philadelphia Church presented by Alternative.  There were 19 performers: Cedrick, Articulite, Justin aka Jay-Dawg, Eddie Sterling and Strongheart, Legacy, Street Prophet, Brit Nicole, Trinity Brothers: Conclave, Download, Trinity, Aye ‘Alex’ Sanford, Kaylen, Ms. Odeta, D.H. and the Next Level Band, Dance Troop-Taking Notes, Cell Block, Isaiah aka 7Tre, Lamar Simms and Conclave doing solo.


Markasa, the founder of the Alternative, put together this event for the purpose of drawing in souls, going outside the walls of the church to reach the lost.  Markasa’s next event will allow for open mic.  A few of my first time favorites are Aye ‘Alex’ Sanford, The tattooed Saint Tay Spears, Articulite of Hot Sauce Poetry at 1539 S. Pulaski Rd Chicago Illinois talked about protecting your heart by not giving away your “Soy Sauce”, a euphemism for not fornicating ; Cell Blok relates poetry to the streets and how God can reach you no matter where you are at; Street Prophet speaks up for the silent voices and the handsome Legacy of Legacy Musik,  Shepherd Express Best of 2013 Winner.  Legacy stepped out in boldness and went into worship.  Ladies, that is very hot.  A man who prays makes your heart flutter.  All these men and women are prayer warriors.  They love Jesus with all that got and what they got is the good news of Jesus Christ.   See one of Legacy’s You Tube video called “My Side”.




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