Jay-Z held his peace while under attack by Solange Knowles

By now, you may you’ve seen the video of Solange Knowles, Beyoncé’s sister continue verbal conversation while entering an elevator.

The issue is Solange took the conversation from verbal to physical.  Solange got in the face Jay-Z and then swung on him.  Jay-Z holding out his arms to prevent her from hitting him.  Solange then kicks Jay-Z in the chest.    Which must people in any culture know this is beyond way out-of-bounds.  The is more than a sign of no respect and sign of a drug or mental problem.

To get out of control to the point you are screaming and yelling when you are not in any physical danger states something is definitely wrong.  I just got to give props to Jay-Z cause He did not hit a woman who some men would have knocked her on her butt.  Beyoncé, appeared to fear for the mental state of her sister.  I say this cause a sister is unique in  that, when they are in danger the body stance is defensive and when they are in danger of hurting themselves the posture is more of empathetic allowing the sister to be restrained.

The hope is that whatever is going on with Solange is that she will seek and accept real help.

In this TMZ video you see Beyoncé removing her sister’s foot cause Solange is kicking Jay-Z.  It appears Jay-Z is trying to talk Solange down to be calm.  I can imagine Beyoncé saying something to Solange.  I hoped Solange would not attack her sister cause Solange kind of got in Beyoncé’s face.  Anger management would be great for Solange.  This kind of behavior could go very wrong when turned on the wrong person.  Much prayer is needed for Solange and the Carter family.


Rickey Smiley show posted Beyonce, Jay-Z, Solange Photo to Facebook

Rickey Smiley show posted Beyonce, Jay-Z, Solange Photo to Facebook


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