Potholes litter the streets of Chatham

The following is screen shot of how the form should be completed to insure it is tagged as a pothole and not a sink hole or cave in of the pavement. You do not need to enter a phone number , your name or any personal information.

Strolling through the streets of Chatham near 83rd and Cottage walking east up to 81st and Maryland to Ellis reveals more potholes than streets to drive on safely.  Driving down these streets is like maneuvering a land mine.  Up and down, left right at 5 miles per hour lest you do damage to yourself or vehicle.

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As stated in a previous article a few day ago states, some of the streets that were repaired in 2013 may still be under warranty, but the City of Chicago needs the help of the residents of Chicago to locate the numerous potholes.  The city set up a variety of ways to report the post holes via text, online, phone call and cell phone applications.  You can report potholes online or check the status of potholes online with a reference number through Service Tracker.  The link for the pothole stories sent to the local Alderman Michelle Harris at ward08@cityofchicago.org , for 8539 South Cottage Grove Ave, Chicago, Illinois.

Previously reported potholes reference numbers on 03/10/2014, SR #14-00337472 and SR #14-00337314 .  The reference numbers for March 13, 2014 potholes reported will be posted upon receipt.

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  1. Tell you mechanic to save the Engine and drop it into another newer frame. If the guts are good use them. Your friendly back alley over daddy’s shoulders mechanic.


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