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Photos by Kathy Brocks, Location of Potholes is 82nd and Ingleside to 81st and Ingleside stretching to 81st and Cottage Grove.

Prior to Jan-March 2014 Winter

Prior to Jan-March 2014 Winter

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, said in a press release March 6, 2014 an audit of recently repaved arterial streets are under warranty and will be repaved.  Arterial streets means the main streets and the connecting streets within the neighborhoods.  It is Alderman Carrie Austin of the 34th ward that suggested the audit upon noticing  cracks in recently paved streets within her ward that encompasses 97th street to 127th street and Vincennes to State Street.  Alderman Carrie Austin is the Chairman of the Committee on the Budget and Government Operations which oversees the care and condition of the city operations like repairing potholes among many other things.

There are 100 miles of city streets and highways still under warranty that were paved or repaved in 2013 by private utility companies that guaranteed their work for a 12 month period.  This means that the private utility companies must repair the damage or refund the city.

The Chicago Department of Transportation, CDOT, is also out making repairs to the streets with pots holes.  If the sections under warranty are repaired by CDOT, then the private utility companies will reimburse the city taxpayer funds.  CDOT Commissioner Rebekah Scheinfel is on the case and reports that 30 pot hole filling crews are all on the streets as of the March 6, 2014 press release and expect to cover about 25,000 miles of streets repaving potholes.  Today’s press release a few moments ago stated that Mayor Emanuel is creating a strike team to work on the heavier trafficked streets on Mondays and Fridays for the next few weeks to try and make the streets more usable.  The higher speeds and heavier traffic has taken a greater toll.  The pothole crews will be working off of a geographical grid.  ACAW MEDIA is waiting to hear back from CDOT  Public Information Officer Peter Scales as to whether a copy of the grid will be provided.

If you live in Chicago and  want to report potholes you can

* Call 311 from any phone

* Go to the city website,

* Use a Open 311 smartphone apps like ClickFix, the  Chicago Works app.  Chicago Digital.  You may also report potholes via text by texting ChiText with the location and photo with the word “Chicago” to 311311You can find more applications for city of Chicago Civil services via Digital Hub.  Check the potholes completed in last seven days on the city website.

Open 311

Potholes become craters on 81st and Cottage Grove

Photos by Kathy Brocks, Location of Potholes is 82nd and Ingleside to 81st and Ingleside stretching to 81st and Cottage Grove.

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