Michael B. Jordan of Fruitvale & 26 movies will hopefully play Johnny Storm

human torch vs sub-mariner all photos of cartoon from bing search, http://binged.it/1gTJbiU

human torch vs sub-mariner
all photos of cartoon from bing.com search, http://binged.it/1gTJbiU

So, the entertainment industry and science fiction fans are all abuzz with a black man playing the character,  Johnny Storm. It should be known that Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch aka Jim Hammond was an android that surrounds himself with fire and controls flames. The Human Torch was created by Phineas Horton, also a character first introduced in the Timely Comics, October 1939, by writer Carl Burgos. The fictional character Phineas created The Human Torch in his lab. When Marvel Comics took over Timely Comics, they kept the name the Human Torch and created another character called Johnny Storm the Human Torch which debuted November 1961 as a member of the Fantastic Four.
Storm was created from a cosmic occurrence on a spacecraft.                             Michael B. Jordan

What’s interesting is the original Human Torch dealt with ridicule because he was different from others. He eventually won over the people and became a hero. So, it looks like life may be imitating art. What difference does it make if a black man plays an android, its fantasy. The beauty of fantasy is imagination, change and acceptance. Do we need a Professor Phineas to give the final okay to cast a black man named Michael B. Jordan as The Human Torch, Johnny Storm and remind everyone Michael is a good actor and color does not matter?  Michael B. Jordan has 27 movies under his name and counting.

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