Kiev Ukraine: Indepedence Square is burning

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych 02 18 2014As the world celebrates the Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze medals of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, the Ukrainian citizens in Kiev are protesting against its President Viktor Yanukovych, who handles international affairs and negotiations.  Protestors are stating that President Yanukovych is hindering the relations with the European Union.  Reportedly,  protestors are seeking impeachment of the president.  The Ukraine allows for two terms at five years per term.  The current President was elected in 2010  The preceding president, Viktor Yushchenko only had a 4% favorable poll rating and did not run for a second term.

There is an 8 hour difference from Chicago to the Ukraine.  Its reported that there are  six to nine police officers and civilians totaling 13 that have lost their lives as a result of the fires and disturbances at the protests. Police poured water on protestors and the protestors threw Molotov Cocktails.  Officials are asking that women and children leave the square for their safety.  Independence square is burning as the citizens vent their rage.  When you search Google “#PHOTOS OF INDEPENDENCE SQUARE IN KIEV UKRAINE BEFORE FIRE“, the following photos from various media outlets and private photos appear.  This is a small portion of the photos of the protest in Independence square in Kiev Ukraine.  Its 11:00 pm in the Ukraine now.

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Read more from the Kyiv Post.

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