Samuel L. Jackson is not Lawrence FIshburne

Samuel L. Jackson was being interviewed by Entertainment Reporter Sam Rubin who did not know the difference between Mr. Samuel L. Jackson and Mr. Lawrence Fishburne.  Both actors have a great body of work and in no way look the same.  Mr. Samuel L. Jackson is 65 years of age, 6 ft 2 inches,  one spouse, one child, grew up in Washington D.C ., civil rights activists, educated at Morehouse College, actor, film producer, tv program producer with 117 films to his credit.  Mr. Lawrence Fishburne is 52 years of age  married twice, three children, a playwright, director, actor with 90 bodies of work and counting.

Now Mr.  Sam Rubin, the reporter is married with four children, graduate of Occidental College,  actor and presenter with about four films to his credit. Mr.  Sam Rubin host a show for Reelz Channel production Hollywood Dailies, the Academy Awards, KTLA  Morning News,

Samuel L. Jackson responded as any other actor of his stature would respond.  If you are a Hollywood reporter or any reporter green or not, have enough respect for the person you are interviewing to get his name right.  Samuel L. Jackson is not new to the entertainment world, neither is Lawrence Fishburne or Sam Rubin, the reporter.  Does anyone ever mix up Tom Hanks with Tom Cruise or Sam Adler and  Adam Sandler with Jay Leno or Jimmy Fallon?  Neither in no way resembles the other except for skin color.  The same respect that is shown these men should also be shown Samuel L. Jackson.  Get it right.

RoboCop in theaters February 12, 2014.  Samuel L. Jackson plays Pat Novak, the spokesman for  future of justice.

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