DIVA DIA debut on Celebutante with Joe Zee

Diannisa Hernandez aka Diva Dia got an opportunity of a musician’s life.  Diva Dia got an opportunity to hang around  the big wigs of the arts and entertainment industry.  Mr. Joe Zee, creative director of Elle Magazine chose Diva Dia in one of his experiments to find out whether or not he could take a relatively unknown singer and set her on the road to stardom.

For Joe Zee, this was a social experiment that aired on the  Sundance Channel February 5, 2014.  All of the experiments Joe conducted were based on the relativity of success, meaning, do rock stars really rule the world?  Apparently, the famous people of this world contribute so much to how the average person views their own life.   Several men and women were willing to physically assault a stranger in order to achieve notoriety.  While a man was willing to ponder the idea of cheating on his wife if it meant he could become rich and famous.  There was one women, that question the idea of her mate being unfaithful.  It should be noted that even the poorest Americans are more willing to give away money to wealthy people rather than the poor.  Society tends to believe the wealthy more and even though they may never regain the money lost are actually more forgiving towards the wealthy than the poor.

During Fashion Week, Joe Zee, gave it all he had with his squad of the magicians of entertainment and turned Diannisa Hernandez, a beautiful young lady into the dazzling Diva Dia singer songwriter.  Joe put Diva Dia before the right men and women to teach her how to walk, what to say and encouraged Diva Dia to be bold and go for what she wanted with style and elegance.  Now, Diva Dia has more than 4000 Facebook likes, appearing in articles and photos with America’s hottest music artists and fashion designers.  Now, you want to check out the talent Joe Zee brought forward.  This is Diva Dia’s new song, Control on Sound Cloud.

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