University of California offers Med Students Free Tuition

On January 27, 2014 the Aljazeera American news program reported that due to the increasing shortage of primary care physicians in the United States the University of California Riverside is offering a sweet deal to medical students.  The college is offering any interested medical student that will practice medicine in the local community free tuition.

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The is great news because becoming a doctor can put students into debt well above 100,000 by the time the students complete schooling.  The American Medical Association reported for the 2012-2013 year the average public medical institution tuition ranged from $28719 for residents of the state to $49,000 for non-residents.  Private medical school students can tack a bit more to the tune of $47,673.  So, to know about a school that is willing to educate and train medical student into doctors is a great idea that student welcome since 86% leave school owing an average of $160,000.00 and still need to land a job that pays enough to payback all those loans.

The baby boomers are getting older and so is everyone else in America.  Since 1909 the rate of babies born went from 127 to 63 in 2012.  This number may be skewed due to the astronomical number of abortions done yearly. What am I saying, baby shortage those available to fill professional roles widens.  Properly trained doctors are very much needed in the United States due to the aging population and health preventive services for those under 65.  Regular checkups can prevent many serious illnesses.  But there are not enough doctors to perform primary preventive checks then the wait to see a doctor can be weeks or months.  Often, the doctors schedules are just too full.  So, if you know of some young person on their way to college and wants to be a doctor but can not afford to pay for school, share this article with them.

Video of story from Aljazeera America

Source: Cost of Medical School

Source: Birth rates decline

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