Seattle Seahawks wipe the floor with Denver Broncos 43-8 to win Super Bowl


Source: Seahawks official website

Source: Seahawks official website

Ok, so the Superbowl, it was exciting when it started and then it just got ridiculous.  43 to 8, really, do you think Seattle might have been a bit under matched or is it the grandpas was on the Denver Broncos team and the young bucks with lots of stuff to prove marked their territory unnecessarily wide with bold bright colors like sky writing, “You can’t touch this” cause that’s what it seemed like to me.  I got so tired of Seattle scoring I fell asleep.  Heck I was channel surfing after the half time show.

The beginning was brutal and the second half to this novice was well, sleep-able.  I am hoping that next year, someone will bring the funk.  Did Denver even sweat at all.  I mean really, 43-8.  Prayers go out to the team and their families.  Its too bad the Super Bowl wasn’t a little tikes game where the everyone gets to play and performance is not a factor.  Here Cookieboy17 says its best, check out this You tube video.

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