Super Bowl XVLIII Novice on a budget

Super Bowl XVLIII is tomorrow.  Most of you are marinating the chicken, prepping the burgers and healthy treats.  Then others are doing the last minute dash to see whose house they will be crashing.  Just don’t forget to bring something even if its soda, a case of beers, chips or a sweet snack.

Photo by Kakisky,

Photo by Kakisky,

Now, for the rest of you who are more than likely a bit closer to me.  I can’t tell you anything about football except for a the ball and a touchdown.  But, I still love the Super Bowl and all the hype.  You can view the game via a the NFL mobile App, via your tablet, computer, online or the old standby, television.


There is no special must have for Super Bowl game parties other than the game itself.  Other than that here are a few tips for working with what you already got in the kitchen.  So, if you got burger meat, onions, tomatoes, a few bell peppers and any kind of cheese  you can revamp your burger.  If you got some chicken and barbque sauce you can make a few dishes from this also.  For the vegetables got you covered already.

So, from the stuff above you can make thick healthy cheeseburgers,  tacos, barbque chicken and pico de gallo.  Yes, you can.  Just do this, in a separate bowl cut up the onions, peppers, tomatoes into small cube like pieces.  Add a teaspoon of black pepper and mix it up.  (add 2 caps of lemon juice later after all the other dishes are prepared).

In another bowl crumble the burger meat, add about one to two scoops of the vegetables into the burger meat.  Now, if you have solid cheese then cut up a little and mix it into the burger meat.  If its cheese in a can or jar, then add one or two scoops to the mixture and blend together.   Let the mixture stand fro about 10 minutes or until we finish the chicken prep to absorb the flavors.

Photo/Food by Kathy Brocks

Photo/Food by Kathy Brocks

Now, for the chicken, if frozen defrost in a bowl of cold water.  If you have a microwave set it on defrost but watch it so it does not cook while defrosting.  So take the chicken, rinse with cold water and put rinsed chicken and put into the pan you want to use.  You will be baking this chicken.  season it with pepper, salt (optional).  If you do not have any seasonings, I can understand.  Look, just add a couple tabs or pieces of butter and bake til the chicken is cooked.  This may take about 45 to 75 minutes depending on your oven and how many pieces of chicken you are cooking.  Once cooked you can add barbque sauce and mix the pieces of chicken and cover while still warm.

Now while the chicken is busy cooking you can add the lemon the two caps of lemon juice to the pico de gallo vegetable mix and put in the refrigerator to allow the flavors to mix.  For the burger add a cap of cooking oil and let the pan get hot.  For fun shape the burgers like footballs.  Do not turn them too often.  Cover the burgers with a top so the steam cooks the top.  When the bottom is cooked then flip.  Turkey burgers take about 14 minutes to cook without added ingredients, so keep a good eye on them.

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Once the burgers are cooked you add a half slice of cheese if you want.  I always add cheese on top.  Now, some of you hate eating bread, show you can wrap the burgers in a taco shell or one of my favorite things is the wrap the burger in a cabbage or collard green leaf, when I got that in the house.

Your sides depends on what you got in the kitchen.  French fries is a good thing.  But you can also have a carrot plate, apple slices, or whatever you can think to do, just be creative and have fun.  Happy Super Bowl eats on a budget.

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