State of Georgia Closed due to snow

Pray for Georgia and East Coast

Pray for Georgia and East Coast

Yesterday a several friends of mine posted on Facebook that they were in Georgia stuck on the highway moving at snails pace or not at all.  Many were six miles or less from home and had been in a stand still from four hours to 24 hours.  Many had run out of gas, cell phone batteries died and whatever snack foods they had in their cars.  It was truly a frightening situation to be in the midst.

The famous Christian faith restaurant chain employees walked back to their store to make a few hundred sandwiches for the stranded motorists they could reach.  Others were rescued by off duty firemen in training.  Many people came out of the comfort of their homes to help others.  A man walked six miles to his child’s school to make sure she was okay because the children were stuck in the building.

Christian Rapper LeCrae posted several pictures on Facebook focusing on staying positive during the storm.  The latest post is the State of Georgia is closed.  The surrounding states are not in agreement with Georgia decision.  But residents posts to Facebook explains that Georgia get snow about every ten years and are not accustomed to major battles with snow storms.  Georgia actually uses sand to fight ice build up instead of salt like is used in the mid-west.  Requests are being made to help in anyway you can possibly help.  Please use wisdom.

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