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This is so easy your kids can do it.  Even if you burn water, you can make a signature burger.  First turn on some music, try LUTG RADIO. You will hear Sam Hankins, Jpenn, Carmin Blinn, Sackcloth Fashion, Othello Braille, Wil E. Coleman, Kevin Jenkins, Joyce Sirois, Impact Worship, The Stronghold band, Skylar Kayln, Itylyon, Langston Gaye, Ray keller, Carmin DeFlore, Stax Groovesax, Angel, Kristine Sebastin, Grapes, Prejean’s Traffic, Gino Goss, Nicki Kris,Carla Car, Neon Blue, Carl B. and many more Jazz, R&B, Rock, Country, Classical, Rap, Christian and Secular genres. 

Now grab a burger, a brat link or turkey link.  Crumble the burger into a bowl. squeeze the meat out of the skin of the link.  Then add a half of a white or yellow onion.  You can use red if that’s what you have on hand.  Chop up a small fresh tomato  or a spoonful of canned diced tomatoes into bowl.  If you have cilantro and green onions or bell peppers you can add those also.  blend together.  Form into shape of a burger.  Now, you can either add cheddar in the center of the burger by making a little hole in burger and then mashing it back together or wait til its cooked and add cheese.


Toast buns in toaster or in pan on stove.  The toaster is easier.  Wash and try lettuce if you have any or just spread a little avocado, grey poupon mustard or regular mustard on bun.  The burger is so good you really don’t need to add condiments.  Place cooked burger on buns and enjoy.

Potatoes wedges or broccoli is a good side.  Potato wedges are just french fries cut smaller or in quarters like an apple, no biggie.  Total cooking time about 30 minutes cause of potatoes, So cut those up first and put burgers on after potatoes cut and put in pan. to fry.  If you want to bake potatoes then season with a cap of olive oil, black pepper and season salt cut til soft, about 30 minutes.  Here are a few more options for Superbowl XLVII great food eats with left overs style budgets.

Super Bowl XLVII Game starts 6:30 p.m. eastern time Sunday February 3, 2013.  Check out the NFL pre-game shows and awards.

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Jesus loves you babe!

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