Internet giant and all around innovator has a serious Analytic problem.  Today for the last several hours individual Google Analytic pages with website tracking information and revenue has simply vanished from the U.S. to Russia. 

Trying to find out what occurred is like looking for a needle in a haystack.  The hold time is hours on end.  When an operator finally answers, Google has no knowledge of the issue.  Although, Google has received an increase in calls today. 

Navigating the maze of Google is torture.  No one has an answer or solution and only wants to transfer you to a more qualified person.  Five transfers and your head pounds like a jack hammer.  A kind referral to an online page for support is all that is given.

Silicon Beach has a major Google Analytics Training going on today from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Makes a person wonder if Google users must wait until the eight hour training session is complete before we can see any data on Google Analytics

The text in screenshots says,

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Nov 25

I’ve got zero visitors too and my spinning globe is always blinking someplace, so I know it’s the program. I’m using the UA they gave me also.
Смирнов Юрий
Translated by Google – Russian ≫ English – View Original   Always translate

Что же такое происходит разместил код в ЛивЖернал, а информация просто не приходит
What the heck is going to post the code in LivZhernal and information does not come

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