Presidential Debate Obama vs Romney


Well, make some noise why don’t you.  First, this is the first time since 1992 that a woman was selected to moderate a presidential debate.  In 1992 it was Carole Simpson.  October 16, 2012 it was Candy Crowley from the CNN State of the Union. 

The last presidential debate America shouted in protest because it felt President Obama was not aggressive.  This time President Obama shined answering the questions based on facts and not theory.  The President spoke on crime and talked about the crime in Chicago and how education could combat crime.  Educating individuals has proven to be an excellent way of slicing through crime.  If a man can put food on the table for his family he is less likely to commit violent and non-violent crimes to put food on the table for his family.


It is interesting that Former Governor Romney said he cares for all Americans.  There is an audio recording of Romney making statements to the contrary.  It is difficult to understand how Romney cares for all of America.  Repeatedly, ads from the Republican party has been running throughout the Chicago area stating if Americans want birth control then they should basically buy it themselves.  They are many people who are employed but with rent, food and childcare can not afford to pay for contraception, get cancer screenings, etc.

Romney said the way he would handle the issue on immigration is to not give immigrants benefits or driver’s licenses and let them choose to stay in America or find some place else to go.   Then he said his family is a product of immigrants.  How can you not have compassion for immigrants when you are one and two generations from not even being an American? Romney wanted to know how much of the oil lease drilling permits were cut and answered his own question stating leasing has been cut 14%.


President Obama will be in Chicago on October 25, 2012 to cast his vote for the Presidential election.  President Obama is seeking re-election so that he can set in place growth beyond his term in office.  By training Americans for the high tech jobs  already available but not filled because of the skills to do the job is lacking.  President Obama said jobs in manufacturing is an excellent area to begin training Americans.  Training America in the technology to build the iPhones, iPads and advanced technologies is what President Obama is focused.  President says in order to do this access to higher education must be made available.

Also, Obama said public lands has been opened up to drill for oil.  American is working to produce clean energy so as not to harm our land and air.

Now Romney said that while Governor of Massachusetts he implemented a four year scholarship to students in the top 10-15 % to attend college.  That is great.  But what does the other 85% do? 

America is the land of the beautiful and a people who are smart enough to make informed decisions.  There is one more Presidential debate in Florida October 22, 2012,Moderator: Bob Schieffer,Host of Face the Nation on CBS, 9:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

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