Storm Sandy: How to help East Coast from anywhere

It is very difficult to watch our fellow Americans on the East Coast struggling to cope with the after effects of Storm Sandy.  The good thing is United States President Barack Obama and New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo are working together to get clean water, food and medical care to all those effected on the east coast.  Americans all over the world are asking what can they do from so far away.

The New York State website gives the following information which you can post on your social media pages for your friends, family and anyone along the east coast.   To get updates and safety tips use #Samdy or #SandySafety or @NyGovCuomo.  Refer people to the New York State Website.  You can make a donation to the Red Cross or give blood.

For anyone applying to FEMA, Federal Emergency Management Agency, for help please understand that there is never a fee to apply for aid or to receive aid.  There is no fee for assessments from the U.S. Small Business Administration for property inspection.  All FEMA workers will provide identification and will not ask for any fee or payment ever.  You can never pay a fee to get ahead on the list for help so be aware of middlemen promising to help you for an upfront or back-end fee.

The Department of Motor Vehicles has extended the expiration date of November 13, 2012 to November 14, 2012 for all licenses, identification cards, permits and vehicle registrations.  All items that expire at the end of November do not have an extension at this time.  If you have a court date you will receive an update via mail or you can check the website for the new court date.

For Food Stamp recipients who lost food due to Storm Sandy notification to your local or open office is required no later than November 28, 2012 and the form to replace food stamps SNAP benefits to repurchase food lost must be completely filled out and signed by December 10, 2012 and returned.  To find a local open Pubic Aide office call 1-800-342-3009. 

For anyone on unemployment the November 3, 2012 claim file date is extended to November 10, 2012.  Call 1-888-209-8124 to speak to a person to file claim and get benefits for the prior week.

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